Upmarket Pads With Industrial Vibes

Upmarket Pads With Industrial Vibes

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Slick home styling puts polish on industrial vibe base decor in these four modern interiors. Raw concrete, exposed brick and natural wood crash together to make rugged rooms with soul and vintage charm. Industrial chic light fixtures made from metals become the crowning glory of deep shaded, high texture schemes. Soft cushiony modern furniture counteracts the rough backdrop, piling in an extra layer of comfort that turns the design concept into a home. We cover all different sized homes here too, from one impressively large and lofty apartment with towering feature windows, all the way through to a compact studio apartment with a space saving Murphy bed setup.

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  • Visualizer: Bit Studio
In Romania, Oradea, black powder coated metal elements strike dark anchors through a white walled industrial style living room. Raw concrete ceilings weight down the light room scheme, and give the borders crisp definition.

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A glass wall divides the lounge from the kitchen/dining room. This allows natural light to be shared between the two rooms and doubles the sense of space in the apartment, without sharing the cooking smells.

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A slouchy grey sofa rounds out the room scheme with a double sided design; one side of it facing toward the tv and the other toward the dining room. A large indoor plant freshens the colour palette with bright emerald leaves.

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Beige scatter cushions accent the grey modern sofa, tying it with the beautiful warming tones of the wood herringbone floor.

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In the master, a large sputnik chandelier fires out globes of light like a firework over the bed.

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A huge wood slatted headboard climbs the entire height of the bedroom wall, and pulls across the ceiling in one smooth flowing feature.

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The bed carries a similar aesthetic to the living room couch in that its base is deep and pillowy. Rough concrete walls rush up to the bedside to create deep textural contrast.

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Elongated bedside units wing the upholstered platform bed. The wide units bring balance to the headboard’s lofty height.

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A crisp rectangular basin sits atop a rich wooden vanity unit in the bathroom. See more unique sinks here.

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Stone mosaic crackles across the bathroom floor and around the entire shower enclosure.

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Stainless steel fixtures make simple additions.

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Black frame windows give a bold and sharp finish.

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  • Visualizer: Oficina3d
Impressive arched windows bless this large living room with natural sunlight, across its main floor and its mezzanine.

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The perforated floor of the mezzanine ensures the path of light is not hindered to the area below. The metal element complements a ceiling packed with exposed industrial features.

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A centrally placed sofa and ottoman coffee table create a light heart inside of the predominantly dark decorated room.

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Deep chocolate brown armchairs fall back into the shadows of the outer perimeter.

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  • Visualizer: Victoria Chuaco
In this Moscow apartment, original brickwork has been left exposed as a feature wall in the living room. It drops a textured lining behind a set of backless industrial style bookshelves. Decorative items on the shelves are sparse to allow the red brick to have its moment.

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An eye-catching modern chandelier competes for attention in the feature packed room. An aerial yoga swing hangs out by the sofa, colour coordinated in grey fabric.

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Over in the kitchen, clean white units cut crisply across grey concrete walls. A set of unique kitchen bar stools add a warming accent.

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White concrete floor tiles contrast against a grey cast concrete island.

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A cosy home workspace is furnished with an antique style wood and glass fronted bookcase.

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The kids’ room is creative space full of fun and adventure. An indoor climbing wall ascends next to a wooden mountain mural and a 3D aeroplane.

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Two steps up and the split level bedroom changes from a place of exercise play to a zone of rest and relaxation. Two huge bean bag chairs settle by a Montessori house frame bed.

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Monochrome chevrons pattern a fabric teepee in the window. Natural timber slatted walls and furniture give the bedroom a woodland ambiance to match the forest themed wallpaper.

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Wooden decor is used heavily inside the bathroom too. This time, indoor plants build on the natural theme.

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  • Designer: Roman Plyus
Our final industrial style interior tour is a compact studio, with a Murphy bed setup.

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A chalkboard wall adds a touch of utilitarian character, pointing out all of the small apartments amenities.

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The allocated ‘chill out area’ of the studio is a lounge and dining room combo.

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The compact sofa can be wheeled on its castors right underneath the dining table, making more sitting space around it for up to five dinner guests. A set of glass dining pendant lights give it formal adornment.

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The mint colour accent threads through the studio in various forms.

  • 39 |
What appears as a TV unit actually opens up to reveal a utility cupboard, complete with drying racks and an ironing board.

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When not in use at the dining table, the two extra chairs are repositioned at the double home workspace. The double Murphy bed shuts away into a simple white closet.

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