4 Interiors That Show How To Use Red And Green In A Non-Clashing Way

4 Interiors That Show How To Use Red And Green In A Non-Clashing Way

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Muted shades of red and green root the modern interior design schemes of these four city apartments. Green and red might not be an obvious choice, as at the brightest end of the spectrum the two hues loudly clash. However, in the humble muted tones employed by these interior palettes, the red and green combination is one that melds and flows, and is deliciously warming. Plenty of crisp white and mellow grey areas keep the colour story looking current and airy, along with modern furniture and on trend materials. Home number four gives a final shake up of the look, with fluorescent red accents that divert attention away from their sage canvas, and compete with exciting beats of blue.

  • 1 |
  • Designer: Studio VAE
  • Visualizer: Studio VAE
This 45 square metre city apartment, located in Minsk, Belarus, accepts colour via its furniture. A red small side table stands boldly against a grey modern sofa. Fitted cabinets line an entire wall in solid red, and green kitchen base cabinets peep from the corner of the compact layout.

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More of the green accent is pulled through via long window drapes, and a bedroom portiere. The TV wall unit is simplified with white handle free cabinets.

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The bedroom area of the studio apartment is painted a deep lush green to define it from the attached white living room, and to achieve a feeling of intimacy within the open plan.

  • 4 |
Light wood flooring covers the living room, but is replaced by hard-wearing monochrome tile in the home entryway.

  • 6 |
Black frames sharply trim the windows.

  • 7 |
A low entryway bench tucks beneath a line of wall mounted closets.

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The hallway closets are the master wardrobe in the studio apartment.

  • 9 |
Curved cabinets fronts create a curtained look across the front of the green kitchen run. The chimney extractor unit echoes the rippled theme.

  • 10 |
Above the modern bathroom vanity, a simple wall sconce is offset by a large round mirror. The mirror and vanity bring the red accent into the bathroom design, whilst the shower enclosure is green from top to toe.

  • 11 |
Bathroom accessories are white to clean and crisp the look.

  • 13 |
The brighter ceiling space helps the room to feel open and airy. A white media unit mirrors the white ceiling stripe lower down the wall. Colour coordinated artwork is displayed here, along with an orb table lamp. The bird figurine next to it is an Eames bird.

  • 14 |
A mature indoor plant brings in a flash of brighter greenery against the muted sage backdrop.

  • 18 |
  • Designer: Rindes
  • Visualizer: Rindes
This two story studio apartment in the center of St. Petersburg was designed for a girl who lives her life between two cities, with the cultural capital being home for approximately half of the year. The interior was designed to embody the atmosphere of the city through its rich dark palette–inspired by rain, romance and art. A red tufted sofa with bolsters at the arms brings a sense of sophistication.

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A green area rug pulls the elements of the lounge area together, and holds them separate from the neighbouring dining space and kitchen.

  • 21 |
The small kitchen stands beneath a mezzanine bedroom with a library.

  • 26 |
The frameless mirror is cut to fit the wall from edge to edge to increase the sense of space and light.

  • 27 |
A shelf floats against the glass.

  • 28 |
Ladders give access to the bedroom mezzanine.

  • 29 |
Up on top, a red headboard colours the sleep space.

  • 30 |
Green custom built closets fit the tight squeeze.

  • 31 |
Floor plan.

  • 32 |
  • Photographer: Polina Poludkina
Our last apartment interior carries an easy, breezy vibe from more vivid colour accents. A fluorescent red floor lamp chimes with an equally bright statement cabinet.

  • 33 |
Bold blue accent chairs bring in extra buzz.

  • 34 |
The striped sofa has its own sense of personality in the room.

  • 35 |
Indoor plants add layers of texture. A feathery parlour palm and an aqua accent chair create a tropical looking vignette, and an aloe vera plant spikes out of the kitchen island countertop.

  • 37 |
The green dining room is missing a statement light, and instead sits quietly in the corner…

  • 39 |
The bedroom scheme is rather more neutral than the quirkily coloured lounge.

  • 40 |
In here pattern is the main player, like this geometric pattern dresser.

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