Elegance and Class Wrapped In Two Modern Interiors

Elegance and Class Wrapped In Two Modern Interiors

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Elegance and class exude from these two modern home interiors, each created by the team at Hilight Design. Light and luxurious decor filled with top notch materials and slick furniture are all set to impress, executed with the upmost decorum. Our first interior also has the added spectacle of a classic car section mounted to the wall, to reflect the owners personal interests. The second tour is a show home made to have a universal appeal; the enticing modern home design is welcoming and comfortable, with a spike of added ‘wow’. Would you be tempted to move in? Or would you be bartering with the owner of home number one for the key?

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Our first tour takes place in a modern flat in Warsaw, Poland. After having discussed various routes for design development with the homeowner, the design team created an elegant interior that is inspired by classic materials and finishes. The living room is open and airy, with a modern chandelier bringing in shape and interest.

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Speakers on stands flank either end of a light grey corner sofa. Black accent cushions are scattered across the light sofa upholstery, which helps the black speaker casings blend in.

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The TV wall is a smart wood and stone clad creation, where bespoke storage cabinets frame out the screen.

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An open shelf crosses the bottom of the media wall to store books. A neat glass vase dresses the top of a small side table by an accent chair, which makes a comfortable reading spot by the book shelf.

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The homeowner is a big fan of antique motorcars, which is evident in wall decor: Part of an old classic car is hanging on a stone clad wall that partially divides the kitchen from the living room. Recessed lighting in the ceiling seam washes down the impressive display.

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A full height window floods light into the kitchen and its dining area. A gold dining room chandelier drops a stylish touch over the modern table and chairs set.

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On the opposite side of the wall that displays classic car parts, there is a wall of full height kitchen cabinets and integrated appliances.

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A skylight brings natural light into the hallway of the home. LEDs climb the sides of the wooden staircase.

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A book tower adds a small decorative touch to the foyer.

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Bespoke closets include a nook for a cushioned shoe bench.

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Interior doors are colour coordinated with the wall decor.

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The minimalist home office is a hot spot of colour. Red walls, floor area and a red ceiling strip make a frame around red cabinets. A white swivel chair stands out crisply against the colour.

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The bedroom has a green bed–and a bed of greenery. Indoor plants grow from a planter section in a unique chest of drawers concept.

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A stylish bedroom pendant light dangles in front of a wood grain wall; a floor lamp takes up the spot on the opposite side of the green bed, where ribbed white panelling clads the rest of the room’s length.

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Tasteful bright spaces with wood and stone grey elements give the home a timeless appeal.

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The bedroom door is designed to blend harmoniously with wood effect fitted wardrobes.

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The wood effect continues inside of the shower enclosure, giving the space a luxury sauna-like appeal.

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More wood panels smooth over the cistern wall.

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A stunning bathtub is hiked up on black metal legs, which makes the floor area seem more spacious.

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The second shower room on the tour offers a lighter look in white and grey.

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A black ceiling gives the light scheme some weight.

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Our second tour is a show home, so a universally alluring design had to be achieved. The solution was found in attractive materials and furniture that also offer welcoming comfort.

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Upon entering the living area, we find an unusual dual sided sofa, served by a luxe small side table with a marble stem.

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A gold floor lamp points over one end of the modern sofa, and also a large indoor plant that adds vibrancy to the room.

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The eating area of the home is positioned in the space just behind, anchored by a gold dining room chandelier. Gold dining chairs encircle the round table.

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A deep stone slab supports the hob area in the kitchen, drawing on the striking beauty of the stone backsplash.

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Smoked glass closet doors and interior closet lighting build a wall of luxe and sophistication.

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A marbled and ribbed feature wall patterns another bedroom design. A winged bedroom chair adds a heavy black base note to the ethereal decor.

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The black stem of a unique bedroom light draws a frame around the head of the bed.

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Glass shelves let light flow through.

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Gold fixtures enrich a white bathroom design. A golden drawer beneath the vanity looks like a treasure box. See more minimalist bathrooms.

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Stunning monochrome stone slabs streak the walls. A white flat-faced vertical radiator has slots for warming towels.

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Even the shower screen is mildly tinted in a soft golden hue. The elegant glass adds an extra strip of colour warmth to the room.

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