Marbled and Modern Interior Design In Moscow

Marbled and Modern Interior Design In Moscow

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In a 230 square metre flat in Moscow, designed and visualised by TOLKO interiors, stunning marble brings colour and pattern to a light decor scheme. Textured walls, wood panelling and stylish furniture choices build interest from every angle. The modern interior is designed for a young family, and features an open plan living room where they can all come to spend time together. The master suite is a quiet retreat where the adults can relax away from the kids, or rejuvenate in the ensuite bathroom. A pair of adjoined kids’ rooms, one for the boys and one for the girls, offer exciting dual level play spaces for adventurous physical play.

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A modern sofa design splits a large room into two parts, dividing the floor space equally between the lounge and the kitchen. The basis of the room decor scheme is completely white, with a wall of wood effect panelling added to build warmth and texture.

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In place of a TV, a projector screen allows the white wall colour to remain completely uninterrupted. The sofa design has a split back, which allows the line of sight to move through the large piece of furniture so that it does not feel overly obstructive in its cental position.

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A recessed light track system crosses the ceiling of the room, offering repositionable LED spotlights at regular intervals and dropping pendant modules over the dining table.

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Round coffee tables add a luxe moment of marble to the lounge area, bedded down on a plush grey area rug.

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A couple of accent chairs round out the lounge furniture arrangement, balancing the bulk of the sofa chaise section opposite. A modern wall sconce draws the eye to textured panelling across the TV wall that ripples like a curtain, giving the TV area a certain movie theatre appeal.

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Two steps up to the terrace doors are encased in marble, adding colour and pattern along the entire length of the living room.

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Plant walls and pots bring greenery.

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The same marble is utilised on the kitchen island as is used on the steps to the terrace doors. The subtle olive green shade that runs through the stone inspires the colour of the dining chairs here, and the colour of the accent chairs in the lounge area.

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A wooden dining table top slots right into the marble kitchen island, creating a slick union.

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Wine glasses, crockery and kitchenware are displayed inside banks of open kitchen shelving. LED strips beautifully light the collection, as though they were trinkets for sale in an upmarket store.

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A frameless mirror fills the end of the kitchen wall, making the room appear deceptively larger.

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Chevron wood flooring covers the entire open plan living space and out into the hallway.

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The bedroom walls employ the same textured white panelling used in the living room, to present a rippling curtained effect all around the bed. Another frameless mirror visually lengthens the room.

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Perimeter lighting accentuates the rippled panelling behind the bedroom TV wall.

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A gold designer table lamp lights a home workspace by the windows, which comes equipped with a fabulous desk chair design.

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There is a walk in wardrobe that leads to the bathroom. Garment rails, floating drawers and shelves flank each side. Closed closets occupy the space around the bathroom door, ideal for stowing away bulky belongings or out of season apparel.

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On into the luxury bathroom, a dramatic wall of marble serves as a mount for a double sink vanity unit, in front of a wood slatted wall.

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The slatted feature wall ends inside the shower enclosure, where a gold rainfall shower head descends from the ceiling.

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A vanity table floats on the opposite wall, crossing a full length mirror.

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This boys bedroom is an exciting space filled with bespoke furniture that’s designed to promote adventurous physical play.

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The kids’ beds are stacked right up to the roof, where another bunk is suspended as a second level play space. Gymnastic rings hang from a run of monkey bars across the ceiling.

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Of course there must be a place to take care of homework too though, and this kid’s study is a light and comfy spot to hit the books.

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The desk is amalgamated with a column of recessed shelving, which slots in at the end of a closet wall. A doorway in the centre of the closets accesses an adjoining girls bedroom. A set of sliding doors can be closed when required.

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House shaped beds and a clock tower build a fun sized street scene in this kids’ room. The clock tower climbs up to a cosy play space on the second level of the largest house bed.

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In mirror image with the boys’ room, a kid’s desk and shelves are integrated into a wall of closets. This time, a relaxing shade of pink has been picked out to colour the closet doors and desk support leg. Star shaped finger holes are cut into the closet doors for opening.

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The wood chevron flooring design continues inside the kids’ rooms too, creating one harmonious link between all areas of the home.

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Coral coloured accessories add a slightly bolder shade to the pastel kids’ room.

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An orb wall sconce hangs like a little street lamp on the clock tower.

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Each bed is equipped with shelves for bedtime books and treasured knick-knacks.

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The family bathroom that the kids frequent has striped yellow, green and white decor, with a matching terrazzo floor. Two bathroom sinks reduce sibling squabbles over wash space in the mornings.

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An Eames bird perches by the tub.

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Glossy wall stripes are a sure way to get kids wide awake for school.

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The cloakroom located by the front door is a more sophisticated affair, with monochrome stone and wood effect wall panels.

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A gold vanity shelf supports a small vessel basin.

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Out in the entryway, a hallway table floats against an eye-catching marble wall.

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Mirrored doors conceal the hallway closet.

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A bookcase lines the hallway wall.

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Floor plan.

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