51 Sofa Beds To Create A Chic Multiuse Space That Guests Will Love

51 Sofa Beds To Create A Chic Multiuse Space That Guests Will Love

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To curl up on with popcorn and a blanket for movie night or to accommodate a couple of unexpected overnight guests, a sofa bed is a great way to add function, comfort, and style to your home. Spaces both big and small could benefit from the dual functionality of a sofa bed and there is truly one for every style. Our list covers everything from Mid-Century Modern futons for movie marathons to sleek and stylish velvet couches that secretly fold out into a guest bed and everything in between. We know that playing host or hostess can be stressful, but with the right sofa bed, sleeping arrangements never have to be!

Watch the video: HOW TO USE TV BOXES TO MAKE A 2-IN-1 SOFA. BED WITH STORAGE! (July 2022).


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