Minimalist Interiors In Soothing Shades Of Grey, Beige And White

Minimalist Interiors In Soothing Shades Of Grey, Beige And White

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Cool, crisp and serene, these two minimalist home interior tours redefine the idea of a ‘welcoming’ space. Our modern world is a chaotic and fast paced environment with many distractions. We are plugged in and on the go 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so maybe simplification of our surroundings is what’s needed to quieten our minds. “Tidy home, tidy mind” many might say, and these calm and uncluttered interiors would certainly be conducive to a more present state, or even a meditative mindset. Lets look at how to pare back to a minimalist aesthetic whilst still striking a stylish note with beautiful furniture and lighting, and uplifting natural elements.

  • 1 |
  • Designer: Marra Group
  • Visualizer: Marra Group
Located in Kyiv, Ukraine, our first home starts in a cool grey and white living room. The modern sofa stands in a minimalist profile with a low back. The coffee table is simply the table top itself, laid flat on the floor for minimal fuss.

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A tiny floor lamp shines bright enough at dusk, making a cosy reading corner and showcasing the large artwork that’s propped behind the arm of the couch. Thick grey curtains give the minimalistic room a sense of comfort and sophistication.

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Dual aspect windows throw natural light into the bright room. A single white armchair has a beautifully curvaceous yet unfussy design; it also follows the floor hugging, sans leg furniture theme of the sofa and coffee table.

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A modern fireplace wraps the chimney breast on two sides, which echoes the shallow L-shaped arrangement of the sectional sofa opposite, and the layout of windows in the room. The TV has been wall mounted above it, aligned perfectly to its left frame for streamlined simplicity.

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Where the modern fireplace wraps around the return of the chimney breast, a neat log store has been recessed into the volume. The cut logs become part of the decor, adding attractive natural tone into the predominantly white scheme, and matching the coffee table top.

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Custom cut mirrors fit edge to edge on the hallway wall, making it look twice its actual width.

  • 7 |
A white staircase rises quietly to the top floor of the house without any fanfare.

  • 8 |
The kitchen diner stands in open plan with the lounge.

  • 9 |
Tall larder cabinets along the back wall have been given a flush built-in aesthetic. A white kitchen island takes up the centre of the floor, with the dining table set right by its side.

  • 10 |
One super long thin bar suspension light spans the entire length of the kitchen island and dining table, linking them as one cohesive unit.

  • 11 |
Pale dining chairs gain subtle visual warmth from their wooden legs.

  • 12 |
The same pale grey curtains applied in the lounge draw closed across the kitchen windows too. Perimeter lighting casts an intimate glow.

  • 14 |
Grey toned wood laminate flooring covers both the upper and lower floors, laying an easy flow.

  • 15 |
Hardier white flooring covers the home entryway and kitchen area.

  • 16 |
Up in the minimalist bedroom, a comfy beanbag chair makes a cosy and repositionable reading spot.

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No decoration or extra furniture appears at the foot of the bed, only a wall mounted TV.

  • 18 |
Perimeter lighting is tucked along the top of the TV wall.

  • 19 |
The headboard of the bed doubles as a desk on its other side.

  • 20 |
A comfortable chair sits at the sleek white desk.

  • 22 |
Moving into the minimalist bathroom, we find a double shower installation, and a freestanding bathtub for longer soaks.

  • 23 |
Shower drainage is set right into the floor opposite a double sink vanity unit.

  • 24 |
There is an extra window to the side of the bathtub, which looks through into the bedroom. A window blind can be pulled down for privacy.

  • 25 |
Soap dispensers and bath bits are served on tree trunk side table by the bath.

  • 26 |
Inside a single bedroom, a floor bed keeps the room looking ultra spacious.

  • 27 |
The floor skimming bedside shelf links the bed base to the closet wall. A low hanging bedroom pendant light drops a spot light on the shelf, whilst LEDs highlight the headboard.

  • 28 |
The wooden bedside is a slice of warmth in the pale room.

  • 29 |
Wooden elements are consistent throughout the home.

  • 30 |
In a second home workspace we find a floating desk–another way to avoid the visual chaos of furniture legs.

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  • Designer: KDVA
  • Visualizer: KDVA
Our second tour takes place in a 65 square metre home in Moscow, Russia. GH10 was created for seclusion and comfort, focusing on simple forms and materials, natural light and airiness.

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A white dining table set stands behind the grey sofa, flanked by white kitchen units and a white sideboard.

  • 33 |
Architectural white allows the colors of sunrise and sunset, grey clouds and blue skies to reflect over the interior.

  • 34 |
Two vases adorn the basic white dining table, with a red glass vase adding a tiny spark of heat.

  • 35 |
Chrome coat hooks align vertically a tidy board in the clear hallway.

  • 36 |
A sliding door leads into the bathroom.

  • 37 |
The bedroom is home to a floating effect platform bed.

  • 38 |
Floating bedsides continue the weightless illusion.

  • 39 |
Sliding doors link the sleep space with the living room.

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A beige bathroom scheme is simple yet comforting. White sanitaryware and bathroom furniture cut crisply through the neutral tone. A colour coordinated laundry basket stores fluffy white towels.

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