Luxury Brazilian Hillside Home By The Sea

Luxury Brazilian Hillside Home By The Sea

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The Feiticeira house by HUS Arquitetos is a luxury home in Brazil, located high upon privileged terrain that overlooks the sparkling Atlantic Ocean. The dramatic slope of the plot is what steered the project planning and shaped the build. The home is actually several volumes, forming a complex developed over different levels. The multi level layout provides a more pleasant path down the green hillside toward the sea, where there is a pier and a wood deck to allow access to boats. A large sundeck extends from the main building as an outdoor social area, and as a place to cool off in the infinity pool. Away from this, the home is modest elegant simplicity.

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  • Photographer: Pedro Mascaro
The main volume has been designed so that all rooms face the same glorious view. This volume includes the bedrooms, living room, dining room and the kitchen.

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Huge wooden bifold doors cover over the house’s wide open glass façade, providing individual options for privacy levels and sun shade in each of the rooms.

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The aim of this project was to use all levels in the best way possible. Therefore, the superior slab, which initially presented a useless space, was transformed into another social area.

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A metallic catwalk adjoins the car entry way to the house roof; stairs lead down from the catwalk to the main entry of the house on the inferior level.

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The house beds down in grassy banks, amongst mature palm trees that block out the view of far flung neighbours. The wild terrain provides a peaceful sense of seclusion and being as one with nature.

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The other two volumes of this complex are the caretaker’s home and a guest house, which is equally privileged with sea views. The staggered build site provides perfect privacy in each place.

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The wide exterior deck extends the full length of the building, with the infinity pool inhabiting the space outside of the living room.

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The modern home exterior is a work of minimalist simplicity, and illustrates the three different materials that shape this project: solid concrete, wood, and clear glass.

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This outdoor area, with its pool and awesome views, make it the most important social area of the whole house. The deck provides the perfect location to take in a beautiful sunset, or take an invigorating swim at sunrise.

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A dipped platform is featured in the pool design, where sun loungers can sit in cool shallows.

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The side of the infinity pool presents a sheer drop down the hillside, so glass safety balustrades surround the sunken sundeck.

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The entire deck overlooks the tops of the palm trees that grow towards the shore.

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Vegetation grows a green curtain down the foundations of the home.

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When looking out, the blue water of the infinity pool seems to merge with the sparkling Atlantic Ocean beyond and all the way to the horizon, as though the deck merged with the seashore.

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Mountains and hilltops paint an impossibly beautiful scene under the white clouds of a bright blue sky. It’s a location where wonderous hours could be lost, and feel like just a moment.

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Along the other end of the deck, away from the poolside, a long series of benches face inward to create a safety rail outside of the bedrooms.

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Moving inside of the home, we find a living room with a spectacular view. The interior is made to feel airy and spacious by sticking to a minimal amount of furniture–whilst still being practical and comfortable for family and guests.

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A simple arrangement of lounge furniture takes up the centre of the open plan living room, with a second sitting spot resting just behind a wide walkway.

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One end of the space is a dedicated TV room/home theatre.

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Wood cladding colours and textures the wall behind the wall mounted TV, which brings a wonderful warmth to the predominantly white room. It also builds the visual illusion of bringing this far flung end of the room closer to the core of the action.

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When the wooden shutters are drawn across the floor to ceiling glass walls of the living room, the interior finds relief from the glare of the blazing Brazillian sunshine. Large format tiles keep the floor cool and clean, and unfaded by the suns rays.

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At the opposite end to the home theatre there is a formal dining area and a kitchen diner. Eight people can dine at the huge dining table, looking out over breathtaking skyscapes and ocean views. Centrepieces and added extras are kept to a minimum throughout the interior, because who needs distractions with a panorama like that?

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Four bar stools line up along the kitchen island, providing a casual breakfasting area. The kitchen itself is sleek yet understated, in line with the rest of the home’s quietly elegant aesthetic. Light worktops wrap dark cabinets to build crisp contrast. A window cuts through the backsplash area at the back of the kitchen, bringing in more serene blue seascape and palm tree greenery.

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On the floor plan we can see a hallway leads off the side of the TV room to the three double bedrooms. The master suite has its own walk-through wardrobe, and each bedroom has an ensuite bathroom. There is also a small powder room located just off the dining room/kitchen area for guests.

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Front elevation.

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Side elevation 1.

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Side elevation 2.

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