3 Homes Inspired by Different Takes on Nordic Interior Design Themes

3 Homes Inspired by Different Takes on Nordic Interior Design Themes

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Scandinavian and Nordic design styles are often defined by their constrictions – minimalism over excess, natural beauty over contrived finishes. But there is so much more that makes the style. This post explores three different homes that pull from Nordic design influences, each one integrating distinctive flourishes to stand out from the rest. You will notice some things in common like their natural neutral color palettes yet each one offers something new to take away. Which style would fit your interior design sensibilities the best? Explore these three homes and find out which features capture your attention the most.

  • 1 |
  • Designer: Nordico
  • Photographer: Hey! Cheese
In many ways, this first home embodies the Danish concept of “hygge” – a sense of coziness, togetherness, and contentment. This concept is especially reflected in the unique bedroom setup, a four-person shared room with Scandinavian hostel vibes. Right away the tour opens with a cozy statement piece by a renowned Danish architect, the Mingle loveseat by Flemming Lassen.

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Emphasis is placed on togetherness with open concept living, kitchen, and dining. Furnishings remain spare but easily reconfigured to suit the needs of any activity.

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Sliding glass doors reveal an inviting workspace equipped with a standing desk equipped with a stool, situated next to a smaller desk with a pebble-shaped pouf.

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The glass doors help preserve the light that filters in through the office window. Beyond, a comfortable reading chair occupies a space next to an IC Floor Lamp for illumination.

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Scandinavian influences extend to the accessories as well. This table lamp is from the PH series by Danish designer Poul Henningsen. Other accessories are purely contemporary, like the cool headphone stand.

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One thing that often enters the conversation about Nordic design is the idea that functionality and aesthetics can coexist without sacrifice. These beautiful speakers surely provide equal measures of visual and aural satisfaction.

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This large wall clock also blurs the line between art and utility, a minimalist statement piece always worthy of a second glance.

  • 8 |
The dining room offers a wonderful array of Nordic design. Above the table hangs a delightful modern chandelier, the Heracleum II from Dutch designer Bertjan Pot.

  • 9 |
The table is outfitted with an array of modern dining chairs created by Danish design legend Arne Jacobsen – the Drop chair, the Ant Chair, and the Grand Prix.

  • 10 |
Another creation from the Lassen family, these kitchen bar stools are from the ML42 Collection by Mogens Lassen, brother of the architect that created the loveseat featured in the living room.

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In the kitchen, contemporary elements meet classic elegance with copper hardware on old-world paneled cabinets.

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Now for a look at the innovative and unusual bedroom. Four dorm-style bunkbeds accommodate the whole family, the top bunks accessible by staircase. Each bed is sequestered into its own private pod equipped with bookshelves and lights – each one a world all its own.

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Finnish architect Alvar Aalto designed this rolling breakfast cart in 1936, a testament to the lasting appeal of Nordic design concepts.

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Décor goes ultra-modern at the entryway. Furniture and accessories feature bold black borders for a 2D effect, set against a backdrop of intriguing geometric wallpaper.

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From sleek contemporary style to classic icons, this home showcases the breadth of possibility presented by Nordic design.

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  • Visualizer: Phan Nguyen
This next home showcases a theme that resonates heavily with those looking to mimic Nordic interior design: a neutral white color palette warmed by layers upon layers of fabulous textiles. The functional components of this lovely Scandinavian living room are quite simple. The nesting coffee tables, the woven pouf, the uncomplicated sofa – each piece is straightforward. But by adding gorgeous patterned throws and spectacular houseplants, the interior begins to reveal a character all its own.

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A partially open layout maximizes the natural sunlight and usable floorspace. The tour opens with a look at the living room, combined with the sleeping area at the left, and the kitchen is visible through a dramatic extra-wide arch.

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Closets create a divider down the center of the home. They open from both sides, offering extra versatility for organization options.

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The table continues the rich textile theme with a textural tablecloth. Decorations remain simple, with a silver-finished candlestick and a modern fruit bowl – a small nod to the classic meets contemporary motif found throughout the home.

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An arrangement of modest wire shelves brings a personal touch to this minimalist bedroom. These contain a small library of books, monochromatic art prints, and the distinctive FLOS Snoopy Lamp.

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Tucked near the entryway is a small but charming bathroom. Proximity to the double-sided storage closets eliminates the need for considerable storage within the bathroom.

  • 22 |
A single wooden shelf surface adds a touch of color to the otherwise monochromatic grey and white bathroom concept.

  • 23 |
  • Designer: Vadim Che
  • Visualizer: Ilya Ganzha
This next interior visualization was designed for an apartment space within the Lidval House, a historical architectural gem located in St. Petersburg, Russia. Lidval House was the first major commission entrusted to Russian-Swedish architect Fyodor Lidval and saw its construction completed in 1904. With this work, Lidval played a pivotal role in popularizing the National Romantic style – a Nordic interpretation of Art Nouveau – within the city. This gorgeous interior concept pays homage to the history of this building by drawing from Nordic influences within its décor theme.

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The tour opens with a look at the distinctively Scandinavian living room. Leather is a popular option within Nordic décor, and here the leather sofa brings warmth to the otherwise monochromatic space, while greenery like the Rubber plant provides freshness. The unique coffee table has a sculptural quality about it – this piece seems to be a version of the Sidd Domino table.

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A love of nature combined with long winters means that indoor plants serve as a comforting addition to the interiors of the far north, a trend that has become a defining feature of Scandinavian-inspired interiors worldwide.

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Within this modern reinvention, classic details remain. Bold molding brings elegance to the doors and herringbone floors add traditional appeal.

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Across from the living space is an open dining area. Chairs occupy one side of the table with a versatile dining bench on the other.

  • 32 |
The floor lamp near the hallway is the Vertical Globe design from Atelier Areti.

  • 33 |
Simple patterns are an ever-popular motif in Scandinavian interior design.

  • 34 |
Across from the dining space, a one-wall kitchen makes an efficient use of space.

  • 35 |
While the rest of the home embraces a light color palette, a black kitchen relishes its dark finishes. This helps to create an implied division of space and allows the kitchen to play a more subtle role instead of visually detracting from the décor elsewhere.

  • 36 |
Themes remain consistent through the bedroom with leather, black wire, and layers of differentiated textiles.

  • 37 |
Reimagining the interior of a classic building often involves limitations on architectural modifications. With no room for a spacious closet, a tall wardrobe offers both style and functionality.

  • 39 |
In the bathroom, some elements carry over from the rest of the home – the black finish of the vanity and bathroom vanity lights standing in contrast to clean white walls, the floor tiles continue in from the kitchen.

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But a bright splash of color completely redefines this space. A touch of the unexpected can make any Scandinavian interior stand out, and perhaps the unexpected is what makes this style so incredibly charming.

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