2 Rustic Interiors With A Cool Nomadic Style

2 Rustic Interiors With A Cool Nomadic Style

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A laid-back cool nomadic style runs through these two rustic interiors, where natural textures and colours create a back-to-basics vibe. Despite the easy, cosy ambience of home number one, there is a great deal of cutting-edge style and finesse at play; particularly in a bold wood and grey kitchen design, an enviable walk-in closet, a sleek modern bathroom design, and a chic home office. Rustic style home interior number two actually resides in a bright city apartment with a wide open plan space, where rustic elements have been mixed in with smooth contemporary pieces. Take the tours and soak up the different ideas for modern rustic home style.

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A woven rug makes a warm island beneath a neutral fabric sofa, where a small wooden coffee table stands poised to hold snacks and drinks. A beautiful handmade macramé wall hanging brings added texture behind the seating.

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The sectional modern sofa is set in an arrangement that partially blocks off the dining room from the lounge, to create two separate spaces.

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A projector is mounted to the ceiling, ready to cast images on the far wall. Two dining pendant lights with huge rattan shades make an attention grabbing feature over a wooden dining table. The table is a match for the Wegner Elbow chair, which stands in a set of four.

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Rustic tableware adorns the wood top.

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Nearby, there is a wood and dark grey kitchen. The colours and materials are sympathetic to the rustic elements in the room, but the kitchens style is modern like the rest of the furniture.

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A dark kitchen backsplash adds drama to the design, with the help of a bar light that accentuates its texture. A set of false drawer fronts at the sink add a contrasting stripe. The kitchen tap has been selected in a black finish to blend it with the shadowy surroundings.

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One segment of the kitchen has been dedicated to wine storage, standing the full height from base units to the top of wall cabinets.

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The wood finish of the wine storage tower is stained grey to provide contrast with the other cabinetry.

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The internal doors have been coloured and textured to blend with the characterful walls of the home.

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Inside a rustic bedroom design we find heavy duty hemp curtains dressing the window.

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An oversized headboard design extends behind each bedside unit to create one connected look for the sleep space. A dressing table area neighbours the arrangement.

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The deep filled duvet and pillows look too good to resist. A chocolate brown bed throw keeps things extra cosy and warm.

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Each small side table by the bed has a rattan basket incorporated into its base, as a catch-all. Get a similar model here.

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The bedroom is blessed with an enviable walk in wardrobe, fully kitted out with a closet system of garment rails, shelving and chests of drawers.

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Even the interior of the closet has been designed with a neutral rustic decor style in mind, by using textured drawer fronts and neutral colour.

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Whilst the natural hues continue inside of the bathroom, the design is little less rustic and a little more modern. A sharp modern bathroom vanity has a grey finish that matches with a contemporary grey wall hung toilet. Edge-to-edge tiling and a custom cut vanity mirror give a high-end look. Cabinets have been made-to-measure, and include recessed shelves to tuck away toiletries and lotions.

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A wall mounted faucet serves the vanity unit.

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Inside the home office, a stone wall features a tiled effect section behind the desk.

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The modern desk is paired with a rattan desk chair. Chunky planters hold mature cacti by the window.

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  • Visualizer: Stanislav Gritsenko
The second home tour offers up a much lighter and brighter ambience inside, over a much more spacious floor plan. This apartment has smooth white walls that reflect the natural light from a generous run of large windows on multiple walls of the main living room. Simple sheer white voiles dress the windows to maximise the daylight. A long modern grey sofa takes up a centre spot between two structural columns, whilst a rustic dining area occupies the area behind. The entire room design is very symmetrical in nature: A wall sconce illuminates each tall column, scatter cushions are arranged in perfect mirror image on each end of the sofa, and a rattan dining pendant light hangs dead centre of the room.

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A tiny sprig of life in a clear glass vase provides a fresh and pretty little centrepiece on the wood dining table.

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The Live Edge dining table is surrounded by six modern wood chairs. A couple of macramé wall hangings decorate the chimney breast behind the rustic dining set.

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A characterful tree knot takes a bite out of the foot of the table. DInnertime at this end of the table may take a little creative maneuvering!

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More botanical decor accessorises the room, in the form of whimsical twisting tree branches.

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