Two Punchy Modern Apartments With Red And Blue Decor

Two Punchy Modern Apartments With Red And Blue Decor

Blue hues and tones from the red colour spectrum come together in two modern home interiors, each designed by Nika Vorotyntseva Dmytro Potomkin. By combining colours from opposite ends of the scale–one warm, one cold–an equal balance is achieved. The floor plans of these colourful apartments are both comfortably compact and of an open plan layout. The properties are two bedroom, with each featuring a kids bedroom and two modern bathrooms to facilitate the needs of a growing family. See how picking out a punchy colour palette that features contrasting colours can breathe energy and youth into a modern home, and how those tones can be tweaked to thread through every room of the house.

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  • Photographer: Sergey Savchenko
Located in Almaty, Kazakhstan, the first apartment design has a floor area of 98 square metres. The interior has a lot of airy white space with some natural wooden elements. A sky blue feature wall provides the colour in the room, along with a couple of rouge accent pieces.

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The kitchen has been designed as a hive of activity, with an L-shaped cabinet installation that works around a six seater dining set. The remaining wall of the open plan kitchen is busy with display shelving units, wall mounted from top to bottom.

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The lounge area has its own open shelving design on a much smaller scale, though it is coupled with some white storage cupboards to hold more items. The sofa has been moved slightly toward the centre of the room to accommodate the storage units, making extra use of the wall space in the small apartment. Blue and red scatter cushions add a bright pop to the stone grey sofa, which is teamed up with an auburn colour accent chair.

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The blue panels of the tv wall decor dominate the pale room. Their glossy surface helps bounce natural light into the long space from large windows at the far end.

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The kitchen cabinets stand in a white finish along the baseline, with wooden cabinet doors covering the upper half.

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The open shelving units on one side of the kitchen are spaced out to reveal a mosaic tiled effect. Their contents aren’t strictly pertaining to the kitchen or dining room but simply serve the living area in general, as this walkway is a thoroughfare into and out of the multipurpose room.

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The L-shaped kitchen has a colourless glass backsplash and white countertops to keep the look simple. The small run of wooden wall cabinets work nicely in tying it with the white and wood dining set.

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A blue-grey wall clock decorates the space above some open kitchen shelving, which stands straight on the worktop as one integrated piece.

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Stainless steel appliances, a chrome faucet and grey edging trims the white kitchen.

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A striped blue runner adds a homey touch to a plain hallway, which is lined from end to end with made-to-measure closets.

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Modern terrazzo walls and ceiling create a pattern of multicolour inside of the kid’s room. Blue tones are picked out by the kids’ bed, and by some Ikea Mammut kid’s chairs. A beanbag chair brings in some red.

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Narrow shelves hold knick-nacks and display favourite books on the opposite wall.

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The kid’s closets are plain white but a great fun shape.

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Decor in the master bedroom is a lot more peaceful, though red and blue tones do follow here too. Natural woodtone flanks each side of colourful wall art, with a white pendant light hanging in front. More bedroom pendant lights here.

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Red bedside units stand out against a dark wall.

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In contrast to the pendant light that equips one side of the bed, a bedside table lamp serves the other.

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Sloths swing in the kid’s bathroom.

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The vanity mirror is on a wall of teal tiles, mounted above a red-orange vanity unit. Contrasting colour packs the decor scheme with punch.

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Decor in the master bathroom is more subtle and refined.

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A slatted panel adds interest to the pale grey and white scheme.

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Apartment number two is located in Kiev, Ukraine, and has a floor area of 140 square metres. In this living room, our red feature colour has been diluted to blush tones.

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A blush coloured modern winged chair is pulled up alongside a teal console unit at the tv wall. More gorgeous accent chairs here.

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There is another blue feature wall inside this flat, but this time with a ribbed effect.

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The feature wall runs the full length of the lounge and dining area.

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The door at the end of the dining room opens up to reveal a closet and a colourful design.

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One white modern wall sconce extends from the blue feature wall, to softly illuminate the sofa. White marble floor tiles give the space a glossy luxe look.

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Moving through from the dining room, an open doorway leads around to a galley kitchen arrangement with a teal accent wall.

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Taller units on the other side of the walkway extend the culinary space.

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A bright chartreuse stool marks the home entryway just off the kitchen.

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We see a continuation of the colourful door design across one entire wall of the master suite. A comfy bedroom chair picks up on the blue hue from the mural.

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The headboard is upholstered in red wine coloured fabric. Copper lighting descends to the bedside.

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The bedroom is accessed by a portiere, which is seen here on the left hand side.

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At the back of the bedroom there is an ensuite behind a glass wall, which borrows natural light from the bedroom windows.

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White marble tiles clad the bathroom walls and floor.

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The kid’s room is coloured by a blue bed, and an accent wall behind the study area.

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An interesting tile effect peps up a grey bathroom.

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