3 Small But Super Stylish Apartments

3 Small But Super Stylish Apartments

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These three little homes may be super compact but they are also super stylish! Clever layout and zoning techniques help fit in all the mod cons and home comforts, with unique room dividers creating clear sections in open plan spaces. See how dramatic modern lighting schemes are able to turn up the drama, completely unaffected by size restrictions. Plentiful hints of colour add character to the home interiors whilst surfaces - for the most part - remain uncluttered and simply decorated. However, a few extra bits and pieces do come into play in our final home tour, where beauty is curated in abundant collections and intriguing art.

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  • Visualizer: Zieg Si
Our first inspirational small home belongs to a young couple who travel frequently for work, particularly to Copenhagen. As the couple have a strong connection with the city, the interior was designed to incorporate shades of grey and Copenhagen-style elegance. A baby blue sofa brightens the subtle scheme. Contrastingpoufs bring shades of grey and blue together.

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The wooden coffee table has three individual tabletops to hold a selection of books, drinks and decoration.

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Intriguing art prints pepper the room.

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The return of the L-shaped room is a kitchen area.

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A dining area with banquette seating is situated opposite the L-shaped kitchen. Motivational wall art tells diners to ‘Do More Of What Makes You Happy’.

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The breakfast bar makes a small visual divide between the kitchen and dining area.

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Cat beds hide in the living room storage wall.

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  • Visualizer: Hi-light Architects
The second in our set of small but stylish homes is located in Warsaw, Poland, with an area of 64 square metres. An L-shaped modern sofa wraps the edge of the lounge and a dining area. Huge patio doors allow daylight to spill through the long room.

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By night the apartment takes on a whole new personality. Pink uplighters illuminate a Greek statue that is adorned with modern graffiti. A blaze of LEDs cut around the brick feature wall, where the living room accent chair used is the Acapulco chair. Acrylic seats on the modern dining chairs gleam in the ambient light.

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The perforated metal room divider has a subtly translucent effect, allowing the light and the visual to peep through.

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By night the decorative room divider creates a pretty light pattern.

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On the opposite side of the room divider, a turquoise side table adds a fun pop of contrasting colour to pink and white master bedroom. A copper modern wall sconce shines above it.

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At nightfall, perimeter lighting accentuates rough brickwork along the ceiling line. A simple pendant light illuminates the bedroom vanity table.

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Another unusual room divider has been fashioned with a glass case that contains cacti, like a little courtyard – or an oversized terrarium. A walk-in closet is situated behind the glass case.

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An internal lighting system illuminates the cacti.

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The small side tables at either side of the bed have been selected in different colourways.

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The walk-in wardrobe can be accessed directly from the main living room as well as via the bedroom area.

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A fixed full length closet mirror helps to section off the different areas.

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  • Visualizer: Oleg Mints
Our final residence is another studio apartment, on an even smaller scale. The bedroom can be screened off using a portiere, or otherwise left open to a compact lounge-kitchen-diner.

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A cluster of copper dining pendant lights over the table prettily reflect the light from large windows.

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Blush cushions on the sofa complement the copper tone. Blue pillows match with the neighbouring powder blue kitchen base cabinets. The upper kitchen cabinets are left white to blend with the wall paintwork and to match a geo tile backsplash. Wooden open kitchen shelving complements the worktop.

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Despite the small size of the room, a large wall clock decorates the wall space over the flat screen tv; it’s slim wirework frame prevents its size from being too overbearing. A neat white media console offers storage beneath the tv, furnished with stylish leather strap handles and a cubby of wood shelves.

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Directly behind the sofa there’s a dining spot for two. Light wood flooring helps the tight space to seem more open and airy.

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A decorative blown glass vase acts as the table centrepiece; a bunch of green foliage matches the nearby green headboard on the bed.

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Botanical art dresses the sleep zone, layered upon monochrome wallpaper with a bold undulating design. A large indoor plant stands proud at the foot of the bed. The green headboard acts as a display shelf, as well as serving a practical function as a bedside surface for a drink or cell phone. A blue area rug works toward defining a border around the offshoot sleeping area, to help the open sided and fully adjoined space feel more like a proper individual room.

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The compact bathroom contains a practical utility area.

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A wood accent wall breaks up the white space.

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Textured wall tiles add extra depth and dimension to the white scheme.

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Inside the wardrobe, a comprehensive closet system keeps everything organised and accessible.

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The mud room offers more storage for shoes and clothing. A small floor lamp shines down on a stool for putting on shoes. See more great floor lamps here.

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Wall mounted cabinets provide a shelf for setting down bags and keys by the door.

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