A Bright Colorful Home For A Couple And Two Children [Includes Floor Plan]

A Bright Colorful Home For A Couple And Two Children [Includes Floor Plan]

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Bright customised interior spaces balanced out with natural materials make up the interior of the ‘Banana Flat’ project, which has been designed and visualised by Zrobym architects. Located on Filimonova Street in Minsk, Belarus, the home has an area of 103.5 square metres. This was to be a family home, so the project required the planning of a living space that would comfortably accommodate a couple with two children. The decision was made to attach the kitchen diner to the lounge in order to increase the sense of space and light. This resulted in a 46.37 square metre main room where the family can come together, even when partaking in different activities.

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As soon as we step into the main living room of this home, a mixture of attention grabbing colours jostle for attention. From an isolated bright blue kitchen island and vivid tangerine bar stools to a mauve sofa, the eye doesn’t know where to rest. Natural wood units and flooring help to calm the energy down a little, along with smooth white painted walls and raw concrete architectural features. Copper accents match the orange items in the room and bring in a luxurious sheen.

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A different style of tangerine seat takes a spot next to the sofa, in front of a blue and white feature wall. The large white space is marked out as a projector screen, in lieu of a television set. A white arched doorway is tagged onto the end of the projector ‘screen’, and its shape is echoed by an arched wood panel at the opposite end of the wall. A hostess trolley serves as a side table by the sofa.

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In addition to the kitchen bar stools at the island, there is a dedicated dining area that seats four at a more formal table. The table has curved corners, which complements the curved corners of the neighbouring breakfast bar design that runs around the kitchen island. A herb planter is situated at the centre of the bar arrangement, like a linear table centrepiece.

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The 14.26 square metre master bedroom is a relaxing scene thanks to its muted palette, though it incorporates a fun spotted wallpaper design over the headboard wall. Wood wall shelves fill an alcove next to the bed, which has been defined in a muted shade of pink.

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The blush coloured paint carries on around the adjacent wall, where a section of white paint connects two white doors: The door on the left-hand side leads to an ensuite bathroom, the door on the right is a walk-in closet. Spotted wallpaper makes a return opposite the foot of the bed, backing a curvaceous console unit. Wall art brings the blush and blue tones of the room together.

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The home is equipped with 2 similarly sized bathrooms; one measuring 5.36 square metres, the other at 4.77 square metres. The first washroom, ensuite to the master bedroom, has a bright white, grey and woodtone decor.

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A modern pegboard wall holds shower accessories inside the cubicle on a series of adjustable shelves and hooks. Toiletry bottles are shelved on a candy pink stool atop the shower tray.

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A natural wood pegboard hangs towels by the basin, which is tucked neatly into a nook to keep the layout streamlined. The grey and white bathroom has a polished concrete floor that evokes a subtle industrial vibe.

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Two yellow beds have been paired up in a blue and white bedroom for the children. You can find more great options for kids’ beds here.

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The 20.71 square metre children’s bedroom also incorporates a kid’s study area for doing homework. An arched alcove serves as a bookcase and storage nook at the side of the kid’s desk.

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A modern stylised mountain mural spans the wall behind the desk, in a soft shade of blue. A heavy dusky pink curtain screens off a closet.

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Chalkboard mountains have been affixed to a kid’s climbing wall on the opposite side of the room. Colourful climbing holds ascend the wall next to a pull up bar with gymnastic rings. Raindrop motif wallpaper decorates the remainder of the wall space.

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The second bathroom in the home has a mixed palette of light blue, pale yellow, white and strong orange decor.

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Blue tiles cover the wet zone of the shower and the bath siding. Smaller white bathroom tiles cover the floor and the basin area, where an unusual orange vanity unit with integrated basin steals the show.

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Pale yellow walls provide soft contrast against the blue tile work. Black faucets, heated towel rail and framework bring darker notes to the bright colour story.

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The 7.07 square metre entrance hall is filled with blue and blush decor, much like the master bedroom. The same heavy blush coloured curtain that conceals the closet in the kid’s room is seen screening off a closet here in the hallway too. Royal blue paintwork contrasts beautifully with the blush pink hue, and with the golden toned herringbone floor at the entry door. The arched shaped door is disguised by more paintwork trickery, which confuses the eye with a strategically placed section of white. A garment rail provides coat hanging space by the door, and a half-arch shaped mirror provides a place to check one’s appearance before heading out the door.

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