Polished Modern Interior With Dual Level Home Library

Polished Modern Interior With Dual Level Home Library

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Architects at Studio MK27 have put together a 827 square metre luxury home design that features a grande living room over two levels, where a mezzanine platform adds a sweeping second layer to the home library. The rest of the Brazilian home, located in São Paulo, is a polished interior that incorporates the clean lines of bespoke furniture pieces. Statement floor lamps and impressive pendant lights punctuate each room, where colours are kept to a minimum in favour of more natural tones on fresh white backdrops. The homeowners are a couple of advertisers who drew on several areas of inspiration for the imagining of their dream home; from minimalism and1960s design, to electronic music.

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The entire double layered main living space opens up in its entirety to the garden. Enormous doors in the modern home exterior draw back along tracks to obliterate the boundary.

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Mature trees border the house, their branches highlighted in even darkness by exterior lighting.

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Concrete paving slabs crisscross along the border of the home exterior, before breaking away into a path that leads to a private swimming pool.

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A solid concrete patio has the final word before exterior space becomes interior wood flooring.

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Concrete finds its way inside the home as a polished bench in the lounge area, where a grouping of unusual floor lamps look like giant modern light bulbs.

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More of these glass lamps gather on the opposite side of the lounge, beside a taupe sofa and a set of wooden side tables.

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The centre of the living room is occupied by back to back modular style sofas. A selection of scatter cushions soften their linear look.

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More pieces of the same modern sofa design form the perimeter of a second lounge space in the grande room.

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Each of the two lounge areas are backed by huge bespoke bookcases, finished in pure white and peppered with natural wooden dividers to break the monotony. Books and audio electrical equipment fill the display shelves.

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Above the ground floor library, we find a second layer of bookcases installed on a mezzanine level. Frameless glass balustrades reveal the white and wood stacks to the rest of the open plan living space.

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A sleek modern coffee table nestles into the modular sofa arrangement.

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The central coffee table is a large wooden affair, strewn with decorative vases.

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More vases line the walls of the foyer, providing subtle and natural decoration to simplistic surroundings. An enormous door shuts the world outside.

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Recessed spotlights are bedded into the underside of the mezzanine level, lighting the ground floor library below.

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The home design is described by the architect as “a huge, single volume packing everything: a white box”. In São Paulo, architectural integration was not a consideration, this is a place of many stylistic influences where anything goes.

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A modernistic spiral staircase design rises through a room in the back of the house.

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This staircase is one of two in the home.

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Each of the spaces in the home were designed in elegant and unusual proportions, and always relate to the exterior in their own individual way. This dedicated study area accesses a quiet garden area to the rear of the house.

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The workspace is equipped with more bookcases, and a wall mounted console unit. Rugs map out different areas in the room, creating an island for the desk and another for the neighbouring lounge.

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An elongated dining room opens up to yet another aspect of the surrounding gardens.

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Food is whipped up in a crisp modern kitchen, with light slab front units and pale countertops. Saffron coloured open kitchen shelving units spice up the cold palette.

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Three kitchen pendant lights illuminate a breakfast bar at the end of the island. A wall mounted flat screen tv provides entertainment.

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The lofty view from the mezzanine may not suit those who are uneasy with heights!

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A cosier, more compact home office is available if the airy study space with large lounge and garden should prove a little too communal. Plush rugs warm the floor beneath the desk and a small sofa.

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Yellow accents warm the scheme. A designer floor lamp floods the room with light.

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The second staircase runs through the core of the home in a split composition. The symmetrical marble stairs are illuminated by a long zenith.

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A closed in balcony offers a shaded place to relax.

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The master bedroom is filled with art and modern design, as is the rest of the high-end interior.

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Bespoke white and wood units mark the entryway to the master suite.

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The home is blessed with a wine cellar.

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A 3 x 30 metre pool shimmers at the end of the lawn.

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