Mid Century Modern Style Home In Silicon Valley

Mid Century Modern Style Home In Silicon Valley

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Brimming with Californian mid century modern design, including wood wall paneling, floor-to-ceiling glazing and a gabled ceiling, this place is reminiscent of an Eichler home. Created by Klopf Architecture, with landscape design by Outer Space Landscape Architects, this is a custom build that uses materials and technologies that are commonplace today to translate the mid century aesthetic. The house promotes an indoor-outdoor lifestyle for a young and growing family, located at the heart of Silicon Valley in a Los Altos neighbourhood. The goal was to create a light atmosphere and an energy-efficient lifestyle in the new 3,000 square foot dwelling, which replaces an older ranch style home.

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The house is a 3 bedroom, 2 and a half bathroom abode, with a private outdoor pool.

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Exterior lighting under the eaves means that the family’s outdoor living areas can still be used and enjoyed long after dark.

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One glazed wall of the master bedroom slides open to the outdoors, linking it seamlessly to the modern pool patio design – perfect for a refreshing early morning dip. If exercise isn’t on the agenda so early in the day, then the selection of modern outdoor chairs provide opportunity for an al fresco breakfast or to peruse the morning papers.

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Up on the raised deck, a railing doubles as a bench seat, complete with bright scatter cushions.

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The deck also serves as an outdoor dining room, furnished with Eames style Eiffel chairs to continue the mid century modern look on from the interior.

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Inside, the home has been created on a grid, to section out separate spaces for different activities, like relaxing, cooking, dining, playing, and a music area that houses a baby grand piano. Clerestory windows were included in this mid century modern living room to help make the space feel light and airy. A white armchair and unique plant stands lift the dark sofa arrangement, whilst yellow accents and art add sunny warmth.

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The lounge section opens out into a lofty dining space, where more impressive clerestory windows flood the generous floor plan with natural light. The walls and ceilings are plain crisp white but the honey tones of the oak wood flooring works toward warming the scheme through. A rich wood dining set sits by sliding glass exterior doors, which lead out onto the pool deck.

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The dining area leads directly off an open plan kitchen diner, decked out in white and wood kitchen cabinets and clean white countertops.

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Four grey bar stools line up along one side of a central kitchen island. A few yellow accents dot the white and wood decor, tying it in with the nearby lounge decor. You can find more gorgeous white and wood kitchens here.

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Two linear pendants are suspended over the kitchen island, their low profiles keep the space uncluttered.

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The piano stands to one side of the kitchen installation, tucked by a huge window. The high sloping roof creates a feeling of grandeur.

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At the other end of the kitchen bar stools there is a colourful playroom for the two children of the family, allowing them to be close to their parents whilst meals are being prepared. A fenced-in play area is attached to this room at the front of the house, providing an indoor-outdoor play space. This connected zone is a flexible space that can morph and change in use for the family over the years.

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The playroom can also be closed off from the great room by sliding out a large pocket door.

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The colourfulkid’s decor pieces are toned down by one black painted wall and one wood panelled wall. The huge window and glass door bring in green views from the children’s garden.

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An atrium brings extra light and nature to the great room.

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A Heath tile wall has been fashioned at the back of the atrium for privacy, to block out the direct view of the rear yard from the entry door.

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The three bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms, the playroom and the sitting room are under flat roofs, which balance out either side of the sloping gable roof of the main space.

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The white decor, walnut cabinetry and dark window frames tie all of the individual spaces together as one unified design, creating a peaceful flow throughout the house. Huge pocketing glass doors foster a feeling of openness, and encourage use of outdoor spaces. In this room, a bedroom chair has a swivel base so that it can easily turn to take in the nature view.

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Soft planting feathers the edges of the contemporary build.

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Concrete paving creates cool contrast with warm wood decking and garden steps.

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A concrete bench stands solidly in a mud room, and is echoed by an identical bench designon the other side of the window wall. Chrome wall hooks hang coats and hats against a wood panelled wall.

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Wood siding has been used for both interior and exterior spaces, to accentuate the indoor-outdoor nature of the house.

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The wood siding has been mitered at the corners, including where it meets interior drywall. Materials are held up just off the floor, with a tight minimal reveal.

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Inside a grey and white bathroom, custom cabinetry matches the joinery in the rest of the house, with a trim-less, minimalist appearance.

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By the basin, a small planter introduces a little greenery to the stark scheme.

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Sunlight pours through a skylight.

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A large picture window opens up the look of the narrow bathroom.

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The outdoor lounge area nestles beneath mature trees.

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The garage door has been set completely flush with the wall to de-emphasise it, and provide a more pleasing presentation to the street.

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The clerestory windows create privacy.

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A sunshine yellow front door gives out happy vibes.

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The yellow entry door also provides the first hint of accent colour used inside.

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Hidden pocket doors make the building appear open sided.

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Windows along each side of the roofline allow the line of sight to pass straight through the structure.

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