A Light Bright Modern Apartment with Wood Accents

A Light  Bright Modern Apartment with Wood Accents

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When it comes to the use of wood in interior design, most rely on flooring and furniture to incorporate this natural element. Yet in this light and bright apartment designed and visualized by Svoya Studio, wood takes center stage as it appears in walls, ceilings, floors, and in gorgeous mid-century modern furnishings. Located in Ukraines Dnipro, this apartment feels airy as it brings together neutrals, fresh textures, and of course, stunning light woods.

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One of the most playful parts of the space is that of the modern sofa, which uses a knitted texture, like a scarf or sweater, to create visual interest. It is unique and brings softness to some of the more angular elements of the room.

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In the workspace, built-ins around the computer desk give plenty of space for books, media, and magazines.

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Another large sofa with cozy cushions runs along a light wood wall that ties in beautifully with the other woods in the space, including the shelves and flooring. The nesting coffee tables tuck neatly away if more space is needed, but for now, they are perfect for holding a coffee or cup of tea.

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In the dining area, a cascading chandelier hangs over a light wood table surrounded by modern dining chairs. The open floor plan offers a full view of the kitchen.

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The kitchen, small in footprint, makes up for it in striking style. Three bar stools line the island, which is finished in a cool gray that also matches the walls. A metallic circular range hood and open shelving adds additional visual interest.

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In the bedroom, a wooden accent wall brings the light woods found in the living and work areas into the space. A large mirror rests against the wall, reflecting the light streaming from the bedroom, which is completely open and steps from the bed.

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Across the bed, a comfortable reading chairrests near the floor to ceiling windows. More light streams in throughout this open and airy space. Even so, there arefloor reading lamps close by for adding even more illumination.

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On either side of the sink and vanity, there are glass entries to the toilet and shower areas, leaving just enough room for a decorative accent table.

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In another bedroom, woods make their return in the form of accent walls. For a pop of color, the design uses indoor plants and graphic prints placed on the floor.

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At the center of the space is a large platform bedin gray linens with two decorative poufs at its feet. Thebedroom chair draws the eye toward the large windows enrobed in soft sheers.

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In the modern home office area of the bedroom, a compact computer desk is positioned in its own nook with a sleek rolling chair and open shelving.

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In another bathroom, a wood modern bathroom vanity gives the space an overall spa-like quality. Open shelving gives plenty of space for towels and toiletries.

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The unique bathroom pendant lights are similar to the cascading dining area chandelier and add a pop of interest against the white and light wood backdrop.

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Rather than rely on traditional railings, this design uses a glass wall to enclose the lower half of the balcony without obstructing the view.

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The balcony is a showstopper with a living wall of greenery, potted shrubs, an airy sun shade, and an incredible view of the city below.

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