Blending Home and Work Space Design Inspiration

Blending Home and Work Space Design Inspiration

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When one thinks about his or her workplace, rarely does it conjure images of comfort or feeling right at home. However, for TKSTYLE BOUTIQUE, their offices in China are a perfect example of how adding a touch of home can make for a more productive and welcoming work environment.While not a true home/office combination, this interior design by JACKY.W DESIGN featured in Arch Daily can be an interior inspiration for apartments, lofts, great rooms, or corporate entertaining spaces.

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Measuring in at 700 square meters, this 2018 design project is an example of open and multi functional space. It offers living and entertaining areas, as well as traditional work spaces. Throughout the interior, spaces are specifically carved out for sitting, quiet contemplation, or even exercise.

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Spacious and open, the main lounge area offers views of the city through the window as well as the loft above.

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The modern sofa is a textured charcoal with oversized cushions, positioned around round coffee table and plush area rug.

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Behind the sofas, one can catch a glimpse of a reading nook surrounded by natural light and a variety of indoor plants.

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At a diagonal from the mid century modern style coffee table and next to the sofa, a decorative marble pedestal displays a unique banana sculpture – a pop of yellow in the otherwise neutral grey palette.

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Spaces to place magazines or other reading materials abound. Next to the sofa, a modern magazine tray. Along the windows runs a concrete ledge bench with books, artwork, and cushions for rest.

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Buttery soft leather, a luxurious fur throw, and colorful throw pillows contrast beautifully with the coolness of the concrete found throughout the rest of the space.

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Polished marble flooring reflects the light streaming from the two sets of windows.

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White walls make the space feel even more open and airy while the concrete and wood accents make the space feel grounded.

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Leading up to the loft is a set of wood stairs framed by glass. Walls are lit at their top border, creating visual interest and adding warm to the clean lines.

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One of the most unique focal points of the open space is that of the concrete beams that span from floor to ceiling and across to each wall. Additional ceiling lights run on a suspended grid track.

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The revolving wood door is a step down from the main level, adding a touch of softness with its curved step and warm wood. It’s a playful touch that surely sparks conversation with visitors.

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Texture is highlighted here: smooth wood blended beautifully with rough concrete.

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One of the areas of the space where blending home and work is most apparent is that of this reading nook. Cozy seating, plenty of greenery from indoor plants, and natural wood surfaces for resting books, a cup of coffee, or a carafe and wine glass.

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A decorative solid wood block adds extra seating to the area. Underfoot, a light rug of natural fibers.

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Near the nook, a doorway opens to a luxurious bathroom – yet another retreat from a long to-do list in the office.

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Wood beams line the ceiling, drawing the eyes upward from the light wood floor, long marble vanity, and delicate soaking tub.

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A black cushion set atop a wood bench offers seating and light storage. Alongside the vanity, open shelving awaits toiletries and towels.

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Mineral swirls in the sink counter and backsplash not only offer color, but visual interest. The simplicity of the white sink bowl is highlighted.

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In the exterior of the office space, a large black staircase leads to the entry. It features the same concrete walls, floors, and beams.

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The minimalist foyer and entry has the same black bench found in the luxurious bathroom, as well as a playful lit rope light hung from the concrete beam above.

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Upon closer inspection, the stone of the staircase offers additional visual interest with its mix of color and texture.

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The ceilings in this entryway are open and offer a view to a loft above, but after passing through the revolving door, the nearly 8 meter tall height can be truly appreciated.

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Light streams from the windows through the open revolving door. Inside the space, windows are present on each wall, casting plenty of natural light into the space for a bright and airy feel.

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The light rope wrapping around the beam is an unexpected decorative flourish.

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In the space’s exercise area, lights are suspended in a unique formation. Dark walls add contrast to the otherwise light palette found throughout.

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A motivational quote lines one of the walls with plenty of room for stability balls or yoga mats. Full views of the city outside are accessible from multiple windows along the corridor.

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For brainstorming a new project or thinking through a solution to a business challenge, one can easily retreat to this comfortable reading chair and fireplace.

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Expertly cast cement, ultra -white glass, ultra-thin marble slabs, and warm hardwoods were integrated throughout the interior to optimize the space for texture and experience.

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The structure and height of the original space was allowed to shine through in the interior design.

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A suspended desk that juts from the column is a creative way to introduce a dedicated work space.

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Behind the floating office desk, plenty of natural light streams in over the concrete, white desk surface, and rich hardwoods.

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Behind the desk, a sculptural light fixture in the shape of a table lamp casts soft illumination.

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In the floor plan, there are integrated functional areas for working, reception, fitness and conference – all things needed for an office space. The touches of home rest in the lounge, reading, and bathroom areas.

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The designers were able to apply the concept of co-living and cooperative working by integrating household settings with the workspace in a harmonious way.

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