Black, White Beige Apartment For The Fashionista

Black, White  Beige Apartment For The Fashionista

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Striking black and white fashion photography dominates the walls of this home, which has been designed and visualised by ArtPartner. The subject of the two huge photographic prints bring abstract shape to plain walls, and are the inspiration for heavy black decor elements in the scheme. In the rest of the space, a wash of beige paint floods around the monochrome furniture and tile, alongside coordinating beige window drapes that gather into folds at the hem. Contrasting white walls bring a crispness to the rooms, and bold black track lights stripe the ceilings. In the bathroom, sculptural tiles extrude from the shower walls, bringing texture, intrigue and art.

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The minimalist living room has a low slung modular sofa, served by an even lower coffee table. Two circular wall sconces could be mistaken for an art installation behind one side of the sofa. The first piece of fashion photography occupies the opposite side of the lounge.

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The fashion image is from WSJ Magazine, June 2013 edition. It was shot by Josh Olins as part of the ‘Shape Shifter’ story, and features supermodel Malgosia Bela with styling by Clare Richardson. Rather aptly, the high-fashion shot leads to the closet and dressing area in this home.

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The closet has smoked glass casing that displays the garments within. It can be viewed from the living room, kitchen diner and home entryway.

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The tv wall decor is a light arrangement of textured beige and white panels. Lightweight white shelving is strung upward and over the panels in an asymmetrical formation.

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A long white media unit runs beneath the tv and wall shelves to store unsightly entertainment units and multi coloured accessories clean out of sight. Only black and white book jackets and matching monochrome ornaments remain out on display.

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Pale wood floor planks match beige tones in the room, plus the fabric of the sectional sofa. A light grey area rug breaks up the swathe of beige, along with a black and white checkered throw that has been casually strewn across the chaise section of the couch.

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A kitchen diner is installed at the back the open plan living room, with a much darker decor than the lounge. A light coloured minimalist dining set breaks up the dark scheme, placed right up alongside the black breakfast bar on the central island.

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Black dining pendant lights are suspended low over the light wood dining table, matching the black kitchen units behind. A tall larder unit has been fitted with obscure glass doors and cabinet lighting; softened visuals of kitchen paraphernalia glow through.

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Cream kitchen bar stools stand out against the black kitchen island. LED strip lights illuminate the edge of black wall cabinets against an all black tile wall. If you’d like more dark kitchen inspiration like this, take a look at these black kitchens.

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More LED strip lights shine down from the kitchen soffit to illuminate the tile wall.

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The vertical tile design is further accentuated by contrasting white grout. A stainless steel integrated oven stands out from black kitchen cabinets.

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The second piece of large fashion photography is smoothed directly onto the headboard wall of a modern bedroom, where ambient track lighting cuts right through it.

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The lighting strip continues all the way up and across the ceiling; it descends on the other side of the room where a second light strip travels up to complete the linear composition.

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A large bedroom pendant light hangs by the bed, beside a smaller version of itself strung lower over a bedside unit.

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At one side of the room, a curtain door is drawn back to reveal a closet. It’s dark interior contrasts with the rest of the light bedroom scheme.

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A beige bedroom chair sits by the window, in front of beige drapes that pool on the floor.

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The mattress is sunken into a black platform bed that is upholstered in soft suedette fabric.

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A grey ridged rug feels sumptuous underfoot.

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The small side table on one side of the bed has a pale base with charcoal top, whilst the same style unit at the other side is an inverse colourway, with a dark base and light top.

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Coat hanging space is provided on a rail by the front door, with a makeup vanity by its side. The rail and the surround of the vanity area are all part of the same cubist style framework.

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Across the hallway, we rediscover the glass closet that is also visible from the living room on its other side.

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Garment hanging rails, shelving and shoe racks glow under the cabinet lighting within the glass casing.

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The neutral colour palette of the home continues in the bathroom.

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Extruded sculptural tiles cover the shower wall.

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More of the same black framework holds toiletry caddies inside the shower too.

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A washroom with utility area has a unique vanity mirror that looks like a cut down version of the first, giving it a semi circular look. A round basin continues the shape theme.

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