Small Serene Family Apartment in Minsk

Small  Serene Family Apartment in Minsk

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Despite its modest floor area, this two bedroom, one and a half bathroom apartment feels spacious and serene nonetheless. The home is located in Belinskogo, Minsk, Belarus with an 91.25 square metre interior that has been carefully redesigned by Zrobym Architects. The modern design has a calming colour palette of smooth light grey, warming natural wood tone, fresh white and muted green accents. All of family life takes place in just one main living area that includes a comfortable lounge, a generous six seated dining area and a comprehensive contemporary kitchen arrangement. The combined living spaces means that this home even gets to boast a dedicated private home office.

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A grey modern sofa divides the small open living room into two halves – the lounge and the dining room. A one wall kitchen travels the full length of the room, spanning the two other zones.

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In front of the chaise sofa the tv wall is fully kitted out with fitted storage units and shelves, end-to-end at floor-to-ceiling height.

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A wooden panel behind the tv completes the flush fitted look. A white hallway leads off the living room to two bedrooms and one and half bathrooms.

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The one wall kitchen is an installation of light grey base and double banked wall cabinets. An integrated oven resides by a full height larder unit and a grey worktop matches the cabinets.

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Two dining pendant lights hang over a wood dining room table and six chairs. A large round wall mirror reflects the pendant lights, creating the illusion of more. The low-level wood shelving unit situated directly behind the sofa complements the finish on the dining set.

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The light wood tone dining set coupled with the light grey kitchen looks calming and serene. The door by the side of the kitchen leads to the dedicated home office.

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Inside the private home office, there is a sofa that could sleep a guest. The mid century modern dresser could double as a television stand if needed.

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Two slimline wall sconces throw light over the sofa.

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A wood console unit provides the room with a little storage.

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More botanical art prints dress a wooden chest of drawers opposite the foot of the bed, along with a decorative vase of flowers. Dark grey paint adds depth to the room decor at the foot and head of the bed, and works beautifully with the natural wood grain. White closets line the wall opposite the window.

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White wall panelling occupies the lower third of the wall behind the dresser.

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Heavy grey curtains and a layer of thin white voiles dress the tall windows. A traditional style white cast iron radiator heats the room.

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The family bathroom is a modest size but is filled with stylish choices. The toilet cistern has been concealed behind a false wall. The cistern wall is finished with a recessed wooden shelf with backlight above the flush plate. The fitted bathtub with overhead shower is clad in modern grey panels. A matching grey heated towel rail is mounted at the end of the tub.

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The wall opposite the toilet is home to a wall mounted wood vanity unit with a fresh white countertop. Light muted green tiles decorate the back of the vanity area from floor to ceiling. A tall chrome faucet adds a little sheen.

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A concrete planter holds an indoor plant on the modern bathroom vanity, which complements the green hue of the tile. A lighted bathroom mirror illuminates the space above the sunken basin. There is a similar one available here.

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In the entryway, grey and wood storage closets span both sides of the hallway. The first side has concealed cupboards behind handle-free slab doors. A niche holds a coat hanging rail, which is backlit by an LED strip at the top. The space at the base of the niche can be used to set down handbags.

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The opposite side of the hallway is a series of cupboards, drawers, shelves and cubbies. A floor to ceiling mirror is recessed within the arrangement, which makes a spot in which to situate a stool where one can settle to put on shoes.

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The second bedroom is filled with a kid’s decor scheme in shades of light teal, pale grey and natural wood. Starry grey and white wallpaper covers one wall by the bed, behind a set of house shaped wall storage shelves.

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An Eames elephant sleeps by the foot of the child’s bed. A floor pouffe provides another sitting spot by the bedside rug. A kids’ desk stands below the window to provide a comfortable place to draw, read or study.

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A kid’s gym is fixed to the wall beside an alcove of built-in shelves. Toy crates and knick-knack boxes fill the storage cubbies with matching colours.

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The half bathroom is decorated in the same colours as the family bathroom. A different grey heated towel rail is hung at the entrance to the room. The same muted green tiles decorate the space behind a white and wood vanity unit. This time two modern wall sconces light the way beside a plain rectangular wall mirror.

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Again, the toilet in here has been hung on a false wall to conceal the cistern, with a backlit wooden niche built in above the flush plate.

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