3 Scandinavian Homes with Cozy Dining Rooms

3 Scandinavian Homes with Cozy Dining Rooms

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There is nothing quite as cozy and inviting as the clean lines and soft textures that are so common in the Scandinavian design style. By using soothing neutral tones alongside natural greenery and bare wood, the Scandinavian homes featured here are exude a calming warmth. Further, the furniture chosen in each is able to convey how important simplicity of style is to the designer. Embellishments and garish accessorizing is better left to other styles -- the Scandinavian interior (no matter where its geographic location) is content only with harmony in its color palettes, flow, and overall livability.

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  • Visualizer: Johannes Lindqvist
The first home featured takes an open floorplan and keeps much of the floor itself open for foot traffic.

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The use of indoor house plants in the main living area is anything but minimalist, but it works to create a welcoming gathering spot. Other features keep things purely greyscale – from the lovely white chairs to the black sputnik chandelier and mini pendants.

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Area rugs, this one with a nice nubby texture, are a great way to separate spaces without closing off a room.

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The chevron stripe is a popular feature in the Scandinavian style, and its use here in the wood flooring is a classic, playful choice.

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Open shelving necessitates keeping things orderly — this gorgeous white option is from Swedish furniture maker String.

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For those people without a green thumb, incorporating plants in wall art is a nice option.

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While the way this throw is slung over the Eames-stlye chair may look careless, it’s actually an effective way of blending textures.

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When natural light is allowed in, the contrasting tones take on a more exciting look.

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  • Visualizer: Ivaylo Dimitrov
The colors in the second featured home are not as high-contrast as the first, but the overall effect is still similar.

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This design certainly uses a bit more color, as evidenced in the area rug as well as the print of a mural by Jackson Pollock over the sofa. A simple floor lamp makes the sofa a cozy place to read at night, too.

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The kitchen looks out onto the main living area, so keeping the colors in the same family (grays are used here) is important.

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The Scandinavian style is no stranger to creative accent chairs like this leather butterfly chair.

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Custom city maps, available on Etsy are another stylish way to personalize the walls of any home, Scandinavian in style or otherwise.

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The artwork in use in this design ties the space together, with the reds in the wall print mirroring the reds in the living room area rug.

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White walls may be drab for some, but in this design they indicate openness and focus the eye on other design elements.

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When we get inside the minimalist kitchen, we can see just how simple and sleek it is.

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A simple faucet and undermounted sink are practical an unobtrusive.

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A bit of a departure from the design focus of the art around the house is this satire of Giovanni Battista Moroni’s portrait.

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Extensive natural lighting in the kitchen and dining area is quite glorious.

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In the bedroom, more white on white creates a cocoon that makes it easy wake up each morning.

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Even the art in this space tends towards a bit more soothing.

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Finally, a neat bedside table lamp, in this case the JWDA Lamp makes it easy to drift off while reading what is surely a design book from the minimalist bedside table.

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  • Visualizer: Kirill Gordeyev
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The final home featured has quite a bit going on in its main living space.

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Not only is there a turret in the corner with intricate detailing, but there a few more bold colors and patterns than some Scandinavian designs tend to use.

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In the main living are, a swing arm wall lamp acts as lighting for a chocolate-colored velvet sofa.

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The rich dark brown works in harmony with the black furnishings like the coffee table and dining chairs to create a modern warmth.

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Wooden fruit bowls like this one are practical but also stylish.

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The lived-in kitchen uses a sleek cutting board as well as a small wooden stool that stand in contrast to its marble countertop.

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Another rustic stool decorates one corner of the kitchen.

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The dark gray bedroom also has the decorative turret (clearly a heating element) as well as cool gray linens and monochrome art.

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The bedroom is not at all fussy, a design choice which can make it a bit easier to relax at night.

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Finally, a highly modern table makes for the perfect bedside accompaniment to the simple bed design.

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