Boldly-Coloured, Buddhist-Inspired Family Retreat

Boldly-Coloured, Buddhist-Inspired Family Retreat

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Aspire to higher thought, but don’t have the pad to embrace it? A home guided by Buddhist principles was the key desire of this family of four, who wanted a space to relax, plan their travelling and practice yoga in. Made reality by architects 33 BY, its wood, glass and metal form spans only 170sqm; yet its collaboration with elements such as marble, stone, copper and textiles lets its aesthetics play between the natural and man-made. Take a peek at our house tour to inspire the role of spiritual thought within your next interior home design.

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Opening up to a blue stretch of pool, our first view of the exterior living space shows a Buddhist mask in weathered iron. As it sits centre stage on a canopy-supporting pillar, several carvings in black show to the right, alongside a statue of Confucius. Natural wood and charcoal awning supports tie into nailed concrete walls, while a yellow door beckons beyond.

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Taking a view to the left, similar materials take on different shades. New-looking timber rafters mimic the lines of the outdoors, while lighter wood covers the floors. A kitchen bench in charcoal mirrors the awning supports, while a turquoise couch rivals the Buddha’s outdoor mask.

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Leaning against a wall in marble, the turquoise couch spreads out. As a grey and white tabby plays amongst the curtains, grey-coloured cabinetry matches the kitchen bench, drawing us in with an upper panel in terracotta. The space lights up with small cylindrical lights dotted across the rafters.

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The length of the turquoise couch helps to elongate the space, with a couple of ottomans thrown in. A black feature wall holds the TV, while a bronze cabinet beneath harks back to the kitchen’s lighting.

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Forming an L towards the view outside, the couch opens itself both to the pool and outer living area, and the kitchen and TV. A mustard plinth with living plant atop adds nature.

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A wall in marble complements a fireplace panel in bronze. Reminding of the resident family’s principles, a golden Buddha mask looks out to the living room, guiding the space above large stacks of wood.

  • 7 |
From the kitchen, the bronze-coloured plinth serves as a holding piece for necessities. A spaghetti turner is welded into the bench, hinting at the family’s culinary appetite.

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Looking towards the veranda, three pineapple sculptures make a splash in black, white and yellow, a finishing touch to the lounge and kitchen’s aesthetic.

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As the pineapples move around the bench and into shelves underneath, a few kitchen counter stools, previously hidden, offer a seat to look at the chef’s process. A few glass wine decanters show potential for drinks.

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Looking towards the ceiling, the rafter’s long lines run parallel with the island bench and kitchen cabinetry. Elongated drawer handles help to amplify the look.

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As we follow the ceiling’s wood grains through the living area, a long hallway presents itself. A yellow door to the side and the fireplace’s wood stack and basket provide a handy place to get warmth roaring. Further down the hallway, blacker rafters continue.

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The master bedroom shrouds itself in a whole new colour scheme. A black iron four-poster provides privacy with patterns in filigree, while a leaning stone mirror reflects back the hallway preceding. Two standing lamps offer light, while a square ottoman and rug inject life with colourful patterning.

  • 13 |
As we look towards the bed, iron filigree forms a headboard and feature wall, a bold statement along its teal-coloured walls. Two clusters of bedroom pendant lights light up two antique bedside tables with Aplomb lamps, while floral cushions scatter a feeling of the old world. Another stone mirror joins up in party with the one to its side.

  • 14 |
Zooming closer to taking a nap, the bedroom’s florals start to link together in the bed’s throw cushions and floor mat. With this backdrop on a bedspread of velvet blue, filigree makes patterns along Buddhist-style themes.

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The master bathroom wows, with tiles in marble and idea bulbs hanging from knotted cords. A large black round mirror makes a statement against a more traditional reflective panel, while a concrete bench catches rays with a standing porcelain sink. A leaning wooden ladder to the side and under-bench towel cubbies add hints of the Scandinavian. A couple of ornamental vases hark back to Buddhism.

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Leading towards the shower, another wooden ladder leans beside a seat for relaxation. A tall black acrylic panel adds a touch of sophistication adjacent to the mirror.

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Fulfilling the need for after-shower calm, a grey-wallpapered space uses natural wood and a view to the veranda to invite Buddhist reflection. Based beside a mini fireplace, a rattan stool and low-sitting table offer a place to read the paper. A potted plant to the side and stone Buddha bust offer room for thought.

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Towards the other end of the room, more chairs and a shower await the family after work. A simple wooden bench by the door collects shoes and a pot plant, while a glass shower and hidden marble-walled enclave offer a more private refuge. A chair knitted with a hammock’s methods provides an extra level of comfort.

  • 19 |
Looking to the right, the Buddha’s bust and a couple of ornamental vases remind again of the family’s values. Whilst the terracotta in the vases harks back to the kitchen, the wicker wood basket is reminiscent of the feature fireplace in the lounge.

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Leading out of the home’s main doorway, a bevy of historical figures in terracotta await us. The Japanese-style patterns on the bold red door remind us of the bolder turquoise and terracotta hues inside, while a stone fountain reminds us of the simple pleasures, the simple seating and the Buddha’s busts that pepper its interior. As we wave goodbye, two bonsai trees face the lining hedge, a hark back to nature in this Buddhist family’s paradise.

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