Rich Industrial Style Unites Jewel Colours with Exposed Brick Walls

Rich Industrial Style Unites Jewel Colours with Exposed Brick Walls

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Exposed brick walls, metal beams and banisters, unboxed ducting, surface mounted electrical wiring, utilitarian lighting design; these are all things that have come to equate an industrial style home decor. The accumulative result is a no frills strong style that is often paired with a neutral furniture palette, particularly shades of grey and tan. But hold the phone: This collection of five industrial style homes introduce a much meatier scheme. Jewel colour accent furniture and flourishes, traditional silhouettes and inviting wall art, warm area rugs and even a splash of pattern all come together to create a rich industrial look that could even be described as cosy.

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  • Visualizer: Fathy Ibrahim
Industrial home decor is a cool trend but can appear a little cold. By introducing jewel tones into the scheme, like this garnet red accent chair, the room takes on a new personality. One solitary piece of colourfully upholstered furniture can bring a visual warmth to the whole room. In this space, the sumptuous red chair contrasts with the emerald green plants that have been dotted around the place, which gives the piece even more pop.

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The television wall has a border of books that also apply a level of hominess to the utilitarian backdrop.

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The area rug beneath the sofa and red chair is of a traditional design, which gives soul and a hint of history to the modern decor scheme.

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Quirky scatter cushion prints, like the monocle eyeglass wearing cat on the modern accent chair, add a touch of fun to the seating area.

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The differing tones of exposed brick work creates interest in the rest of the open plan industrial home, which we can see continued up on a mezzanine level.

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Sheer voiles hang at towering windows, softening the hard look of dark metal frames.

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Kitchen bar stools follow the industrial trend, standing on heavy metal bases. These are teamed with a smooth wooden countertop on the kitchen breakfast bar.

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The bed is dressed with layers of earthy brown throws and a heap of decorative pillows. Swing arm wall lamps adorn the space over each of the geometric bedside tables.

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In the bathroom, large tiles cover one wall whilst the adjacent wall stands in raw concrete. A delicate flower dresses a chunky wooden vanity unit.

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  • Visualizer: Quattro Studio
Our second industrial space is an old abandoned cotton factory with a very unique feel. This was visualised to participate in the Evermotion challenge “A Whole Lot of Loft”. The beautiful architecture is almost church-like in appearance, with vaulted ceilings and imposing arched windows.

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The enormous loft could easily come out looking chilly and unwelcoming, but canary yellow adds a blast of sunshine to visually warm the bones of this place. From two well placed accent dining chairs to yellow throws and cushions in the lounge area, the thread of happy colour is merrily stitched across each area.

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A reading nook has been created up on a raised level by installing a large bookcase, a comfortable reading chair and a simple floor reading lamp.

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Mismatched Scandinavian style chairs set at a traditional style dining table give the dining area a friendly eclectic look. Two striped table runners add an unexpected dash of pattern to the industrial dining room, and form an attractive landing area for dishes and wine glasses.

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Even the kitchen cabinets get the mellow yellow treatment. A small run of yellow wall units are mounted over white base cupboards, and a two towers of bright display cubbies are just enough to carry the theme through.

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  • Visualizer: Evgeny Zjuba
Our third industrial style apartment introduces jewel tones through a collection of wall art.

  • 16 |
British rock ‘n’ roll icons inspire the artwork.

  • 17 |
The red, white and blue of the Union Jack flag runs throughout.

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The striking rock ‘n’ roll accents work well with the heavy network of exposed ducts and vents.

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The kitchen is a simple classic shaker style.

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This 122 metre penthouse is of a cohesive style. Two pieces of modular modern sofa in matching plum upholstery stand at each side of a cluster of coffee tables, nestled beneath a sputnik chandelier.

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A beige accent chair has a matching footstool, and its light tones are picked up by the scatter cushions on the sofa and a nearby floor lamp.

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A trio of lush green plants add another colour to the mix, and a set of pipes across the ceiling space have been specially coated to bring in a bright pop of red.

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A Union Jack has been painted directly onto an exposed brick wall behind the kitchen shelf.

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A ceiling hung fireplace coupled with a unique chair make a cosy corner.

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A blue librarian’s ladder stands out against dark cabinets. It forms an attractive focal point as well as being useful for reaching higher storage.

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A textured black wall matches the dark accents and furniture.

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The work desk chair is more about comfort than stark industrial style.

  • 29 |
In the bathroom, the black theme found in the bedroom appears here in smaller accents. A black wrought iron chandelier matches black wall shelves, clock and wall sconces.

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The towel hoop and soap dish bracket are finished in black too but the unique faucet stands out in gold.

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  • Visualizer: Christina Ryabchenko
Our fifth and last home has copious amounts of golden wood tone.

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Ceiling beams, floors, doors and kitchen island all match in a warm honey coloured glow. A monochrome wall mural carries a New York theme.

  • 35 |
An arrow light complements the red brickwork.

  • 36 |
Some of the exposed brick walls have been whitewashed to lighten and brighten.

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Geometric wirework forms the kitchen pendants.

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Plinth lights around the perimeter of the room give a cosy glow.

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A wooden coat rack marks the entryway.

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