Bold Colour Scandinavian Twists

Bold Colour Scandinavian Twists

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If we were to think of the elements that typically make up a contemporary Scandinavian home design, we most commonly would think of light pine furniture set within a crisp white washed room. Snowy soft furnishings and pale window dressings, accessorised with cool monochrome artwork. Sometimes though, Scandinavian design likes to shake things up with some really bright bits! These two home tours have Scandinavian-style interiors that do indeed pop with those such bold colour pieces, and some exciting pattern clashes too (but don’t worry, we still get to revel in a good amount of modern pine furniture and our familiar fresh white decor).

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  • Visualizer: Oleg Mints
In our first home, green and yellow seating and home accessories furnish the living room. Potted plants and botanical art prints match the nature tones. A pine topped entertainment unit, coffee tables and simple pine wall shelves keep the look distinctly Scandinavian. Find more colourful decor in these examples of a yellow accent Scandinavian interior.

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Geometric pattern covers the curtains in striking monochrome.

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A cozy area rug has been laid over light wood plank flooring.

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Two ceiling pendants are a style mix of industrial and retro. The floor lamp creates a good reading spot.

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A dividing wall between the living room and hallway is made of glass, framed in black.

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A Swiss cross throw and scatter cushions decorate the sofa.

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Each surface holds knick-knacks in colour coordinated hues of the room.

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In the hallway, the floor is tiled in eye-catching gold, grey, black and white pattern. A menagerie of hallway furniture provides storage. A bench keeps the shoes tidy, and a wall hung drawer beneath the decorative wall mirror is a place to stash gloves and keys. Stylish wall hooks hold the coats.

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Directly by the patterned floorway, geometric paper covers one wall. The pattern is distinctly different to that of the floor and yet, because of the similar colourway of the two designs, they work in busy harmony. A full length mirror reflects the scene.

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A rattan umbrella basket matches the pinewood furniture and complements the golden tone in the tiles. The cushioned seat of the shoe bench picks out the grey parts in the pattern.

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In the kitchen there are three colours of units. Base units are ice-white, head-height cupboards are knotty pine, and higher cabinets are mellow yellow.

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The geometric wallpaper from the hallway continues in the kitchen, creating a feature behind the dining table. Two white wall shelves are mounted on black triangular brackets that match perfectly with the angular design of the print.

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Beneath the bottom shelf, a set of hooks provide a place to hang a collection of mugs or teacups close to the table.

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The backsplash is a geometric design too. Black grout accentuates the angular lines.

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The faucet is a contemporary black and copper spouted design.

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In the bedroom we find a bed upholstered in a similar green fabric to the sofa in the lounge.

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A navy and white star rug warms the floor around the bed. Large bedroom pendant lights like this one make a great central feature in the room.

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Two walls are papered with a tree design in a natural woody tone.

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The gold colour of the wallpaper’s tiny stars is picked out in gold art prints. The wall art follows the forest theme, depicting inner rings of cut tree logs, and a bird’s lost feather. Side tables follow the monochrome geometric design thread, with a drawer front pattern like that observed on the kitchen backsplash.

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A stylish desk chair sits at a work area on the far side of the room, making this a combined sleep space and home office. A yellow lamp sits on the desktop, completing a repeat of the colour combination created in the living room.

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In the bathroom we find more of the patterned tile that began in the home entryway. The wall tiles are of a plain design, in contrasting sections of grey and white.

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The walk in shower is also clad in elaborately patterned tile.

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A wall hung vanity unit helps the room feel more spacious by revealing floor space underneath.

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Shiny chrome fixtures work with the pearlised wall tiles, and grey tones in the floor.

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The boxing over the toilet acts as a shelf.

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Two round pine coffee tables match the deer head and entertainment unit. The natural tone makes a nice light relief from the bright turquoise and strong monochrome pattern of the other furniture.

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A sputnik style light matches other black elements in the room.

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Except for one cushion, every other element in the bedroom scheme is grey, black or white so as not to overpower the room with colour.

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The pendant light matches the wall sconces.

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The hallway is a chic monochrome design with just a couple of accents to give a nod to the turquoise colourway found in the rest of the home.

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A set of turquoises vases and one turquoise stool is enough to carry the palette through.

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In the bathroom, just a couple of towels fly the turquoise flag.

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The monochrome tile matches the design in the entry hall.

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