Integrating Comfort With Industrial Style: A Home Tour

Integrating Comfort With Industrial Style: A Home Tour

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This metropolitan loft in Moscow, Russia is an amalgamation of modern styles by ONI Architects. The homes backdrop has an industrial style vibe, tying in with the character of an industrially developed city. Surface mounted wiring and ventilation are exposed with intention. Concrete walls and metal framed furniture continue the theme but this is where we find an altogether more comfortable style dimension. Furnishings, whilst of a linear contemporary style, are also sumptuous and warm in appearance. The flooring is warm natural wood, softened with a deep pile rug in the living area. Lighting is sculptural yet twinkling. The result, an edgy yet welcoming space.

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Warm colours used in the lounge instantly give the apartment an inviting atmosphere. An open plan loft layout can occasionally strike a cold chord, from concrete slabs and hard metal edges, however this one has a strong homey feel. Slate grey walls add darkness and depth behind pale coloured furniture but the room is bathed in natural light from large dual aspect windows.

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The L-shaped modern sofa hugs the lounge area and separates the living room from the dining area beyond.

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A module has been clad in wood, contrasting the surrounding grey walls. Tan throw cushions on the sofa tie in with the hue of the wood tone in the scheme.

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A metal framed relaxer chair matches a low level metal coffee table.

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The wall around the television holds an installation of symmetrical shelving, mounted on metal framework. Above the utilitarian installation we can see exposed ducting running the width of the room, where less industrial style homes might implement a length of decorative coving. The shelving display has been laced with indoor plants, tumbling from different levels like little waterfalls. The natural vista strikes a delicate note against the hard industrial surroundings.

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Two dining room pendant lights act as a focal point over the eating area. They are highly contemporary in appearance yet evoke a feeling of twinkling candlelight, perfect for dinner parties stretching long into the evening.

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A large piece of art, propped casually behind the dining table, provides an impressive moment of interest.

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The dining area leads us around into the kitchen.

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More planters adorn the kitchen area, this time decorating the extraction unit.

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The extractor is lit around its perimeter with an LED strip, shedding light over the breakfast bar and wine glasses. The kitchen itself is white and minimalistic, unchanging except for a single exposed wooden drawer unit.

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Marble floor tiles are a splash of luxury in the entryway. This is juxtaposed by a run of open wiring descending from the ceiling to a hefty control panel.

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A tan pouffe sits beneath a console table, backed by an enormous mirror which reveals a reflection of a closet.

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Peeping through a black slatted wall, the closet holds a neat arrangement of rails and shelving.

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Behind a door we find a sophisticated home office space. Here, all of the walls have wood paneling. A bank of white shelving with built-in LED strip lighting fills the wall opposite the desk. A library of reference books and a tall statement statue populate the gaps. Coupled with more hanging plants the grouping begins to take on an air of ancient Greece, quite fitting for a place of study and for pursuit of knowledge.

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Lighting up the hearth, a frameless fire design nestles beneath the lowest shelf.

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One wall holds a print of intricate wall carvings, perfect for the library/museum feel of the room. The large window gives view to the sprawling metropolis; the crystal clear glass desk allows all of the light and view to shine through. The stylish desk chair appears to sit by an entirely floating desktop at first glance, as the glass table legs are almost invisible. A second chair provides a place for a colleague or client to be seated, or is an opportunity to pause and enjoy the open fire for a moment.

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Unique table lamps set the tone in a home office. This black anglepoise is elegant and sophisticated.

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A small chaise lounge in this home office has been softened with cushions and a cozy throw. The nearby drinks table tells us this is a place where one can unwind after work is done.

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Concrete accent walls continue in the bedroom and are teamed with an expanse of wooden wall paneling. The man-made rock with the smooth natural wood makes a harmonious combination. Orb bedroom pendant lights decorate the foreground of the wooden section whilst the concrete remains stark.

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The complementary tan hue seen elsewhere in the loft apartment can be found here too in the finish of the modern headboard. The hanging planters found around this home continue into the bedroom also, this time suspended above a bedside unit.

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A glass interior wall separates the sleep space from the bathroom. The closet is open to the room.

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A pitcher by the bedside is a handy addition.

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In the bathroom we find a double vanity unit and marbled floor tiles.

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Unique faucets are camouflaged within the black shelf beneath the bathroom mirror.

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Reflective surfaces make the room appear more spacious.

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This unique sink appears as though in a state of artful decay.

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