Yellow Accents In Scandinavian Style Interiors: 3 Examples That Show You How

Yellow Accents In Scandinavian Style Interiors: 3 Examples That Show You How

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Here we have three Scandinavian style homes that use happy notes of bright sunshine yellow in varying proportions. The first two homes take a subtle approach with the accent colour, limiting the arrangement in each room to just one or two examples. Such as a sofa, a small unit, or just one statement shelf. In contrast, our third and final home tour goes all out with an entire kitchen glowing in the summery hue. It seems there is no limit when it comes to injecting a favourite colour into a home decor scheme, whether you tiptoe around it or saturate an entire area. Which style would you choose?

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  • Visualizer: z hz
The most eye-catching piece in our first Scandinavian style home is the cheerfully inviting yellow modern sofa. If the same couch had been upholstered in white, the eye would go straight by it, tucked away in that small space. Yellow artworks above the sofa tie in with the striking colour story.

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On the opposite side of the room to our bright sofa, an entertainment unit runs beneath the television. A small seating area is incorporated into the far left of the low unit, whilst a yellow storage cube at the other end holds a selection of books. We can also see that a narrow serving hatch of sorts, in the dividing wall to the kitchen, has been lined with a yellow frame to match.

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The deep natural green from a selection of indoor house plants makes a nice contrast to the loud accent shade. The combination of colours and leafy form also evokes a beachy feel, with the yellow representing sand and sunshine against the greenery of palm trees. The furnishings peppered between the two hues have been kept subtle in shades of grey and pale wood tone.

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The metal stands on the tabletop and floor orb lamps are also coated in yellow.

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The devil is in the detail: the thin rim of this tiny jug is tipped with yellow, making it a perfect subtle accent piece for this room. The other decorative items on the tabletop are quietly neutral.

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In the neighbouring utility room we take a break from the sunny colour. Instead, influence has been taken from the rich shade of the indoor house plants. The walls are painted in a deep shade of emerald green. The small room scheme can handle the darkness of this hue thanks to very large windows where natural light pours in.

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The shower room off the kitchen sings with neat Scandi style. A compact yellow vanity unit is mounted off the floor, coupled with a yellow framed mirror. The bright pieces are balanced out by plain white surroundings and another deep green little house plant. The rattan trash basket and striped area rug suit the beachy scheme.

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In the ice white kitchen, tiny accents of yellow have been scattered to continue the theme through from the living area.

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Even a stylish teapot or funky kettle can be all that’s needed to bring in an accent colour. The other pieces, like the cutting board and herb tray, follow on with the tone of the natural wood.

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Geometric wall tiles add interest without delving into a colour palette.

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A custom paint job to the Tivoli Radio brings in a nice effect. The single pop of colour in the headboard shelf is just enough.

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A well placed accent shelf within a white shelving unit is a fun way to pull a colour through without overpowering a small space.

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  • Visualizer: Vavo Studio
Our second home uses a single yellow throw pillow on the sofa to add a blast of colour to the pale Scandi palette in the living area.

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Other accents in this contemporary home are distinctly monochrome.

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A woodburning fire creates the perfect accompanying glow to the cosy accents.

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The same colour continues throughout the open plan home for a cohesive look.

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Over in the kitchen, a couple of yellow mugs carry the accent, hanging in pride of place above other monochrome examples and wine glasses.

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The home office area remains a blank space, perfect for concentration.

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A mezzanine bedroom lies quiet of colour accents too.

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Our final home tour weighs in particularly heavy on the yellow front. Slamming us with a bright vista of solid yellow kitchen cabinets and a coordinated refrigerator. A large wire framed deer head overlooks the open plan room.

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In terms of colour, the rest of the home is a far more subtle affair, letting the kitchen do all the talking.

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A colourful area rug offers up one small splash of yellow beneath the coffee table.

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A modern fruit bowl on the kitchen counter holds some very colour appropriate lemons! A bright tray under the flower vase matches too.

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