How To Use Pink Tastefully In A Kids Room Without Over Doing It: 6 Detailed Examples That Show How

How To Use Pink Tastefully In A Kids Room Without Over Doing It: 6 Detailed Examples That Show How

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While it may feel cliche to some, the truth is that many children (in particular little girls) love the color pink. As a parent, you want to be able to decorate your son or daughters room in a way that they absolutely love while still creating a space that you believe to be beautiful. In the wrong hands, pink can become saccharine and overpowering, and you do not want a room that feels like you are drowning in a vat of cotton candy. Luckily, it is possible to design a tasteful childs room with plenty of pink, as long as you know what youre doing. Following are just a few examples of how to use pink to great effect when designing a room for a child.

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  • Visualizer: Tatyana Ryltsova
Perhaps the most important thing to remember when decorating with pink is that a pink theme does not mean that everything should be pink.

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While a light shade of blush, as used in this design, can lean towards neutral, it is important to play it off of other true neutrals, like white, to avoid being overwhelming.

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By using the popular mix of pink and white, this space is soothing instead of loud, making it a perfect retreat for a night of homework.

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The subtlety of the pink in this room is quite elegant.

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A pink nook for the television is just the right amount of color without creating a distraction.

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The next room, from the same visualizer, shows that you can go a bit brighter with pink and still keep the space playful but not garish, even with kid’s decor.

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Another tip for decorating effectively with pink is to mix shades, which this design does quite well.

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Softer pinks for the walls is an ideal choice while using brighter shades for light fixtures and throw pillows adds dimension.

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Another calming homework nook utilizes white as well, with a pink table lamp that really pops.

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White also comes in with floating cloud accessories, another calming choice.

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Finally, a similar television nook goes a bit more bubblegum with its accent color.

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  • Visualizer: Rustem Urazmetov
In addition to mixing different shades of pink, mixing a few different patterns can give a modern, stylish look to a pink bedroom.

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A bright planter and white desk chair show that a pink palette does not mean all pink and only pink.

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We get a glimpse of pattern mixing with a white brick wall opposed to a pink and white tile wall.

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No matter what the color scheme, of course, plenty of storage is a must in a kids room.

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  • Visualizer: Anastasia Skoblik
In this next space, we see how finding the right colors to complement the pink palette is key, starting with kids’ beds.

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In this room, it’s a lovely mint color that complements.

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The use of the green and pink together is certainly youthful but not cloyingly sweet.

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The use of adorable artwork is also a nice touch.

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Adding a bit of sparkle and shine, here in the guide of bedroom pendant lights, is another way to bring elegance to a pink room.

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Black, white and pink is a classic color theme that calls to mind French macarons, which are very on trend.

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Floating pink wall shelves are a practical and stylish addition.

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Finally, an Eames-style rocking chair at the coral pink desk is high style.

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  • Visualizer: Thao Uyen
The final room incorporates a few of the tips we’ve covered, including complementary colors, pattern mixing, and many shades of pink.

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The patterned wallpaper, pennant flags and cozy size make this room particularly playful.

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A stacked nightstand with sunny yellow is the perfect sophisticated accessory for this room.

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