A Sophisticated Home With Natural Themes Outside Of Kiev

A Sophisticated Home With Natural Themes Outside Of Kiev

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Designed by the creative architects and interior artists at IQOSA, this luxurious home in the suburbs of Kiev demonstrates the gorgeous intersection of casual minimalism and high-end decor, carefully united by a smooth palette of natural color and texture. Its a spacious home with clean modern architecture, tastefully appointed with iconic furniture and lighting from famous designers - check the descriptions below the photos for identification of several important pieces. Each room reveals something new to admire, ranging from dramatic furniture compositions to impressive tropical plants and more.

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At first glance, it’s obvious this home design emphasizes social gatherings with plenty of room to accommodate large gatherings of guests quite comfortably. This layout technique continues throughout the entire home.

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Whether relaxing with the family or throwing a party that lasts through the night, the living room furniture is well equipped for any occasion. Lightweight modular choices are easy to rearrange.

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Even better, the main areas of the home maintain a semi-open living and dining layout for a seamless transition between spaces.

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Blue, brown, and white seem to point toward a subtle nautical theme. An incredible jellyfish tank stands in the center of the room, the pendant lights throughout the house echoing their ethereal movements.

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The living room pendants are from the Vertigo collection by Constance Guisset, and the warm dining room lights are a design by Frank Gehry.

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What an incredible dining room! With luxury dining pendants and room to seat more than 18 guests, this space is ideal for hosting serious events and unforgettable dinner parties.

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Serving a table this large requires careful attention to logistics, satisfied by tall storage cabinets. Residents have a choice of hiding the dishes behind the slatted doors or flipping on the backlight to put them on display.

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The kitchen occupies a convenient space right off the dining room. It’s spacious and smooth, tempering its dramatic height with the same wooden slats that covered the storage spaces in the formal dining room.

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It also includes a little casual dining table for more intimate family meals, when the full formal set would seem like too much.

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Expansive storage wraps around the entire workspace. Cabinetry foregoes traditional handles for a smoother look, but the result is more refined than purely minimalistic.

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The slim kitchen pendant lights bridge the gap between the tall ceiling and the dining table. Eclectic tiles skirt the kitchen island to center the space.

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Hallways remain spare and uncomplicated. Concrete cladding contributes to a formidable, almost monolithic aesthetic. Wood edging at the doorframes helps soften the effect.

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Sconces and strips of indirect lighting illuminate the way toward the winding staircase that leads to the private areas on the next floor.

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The master bedroom looks beyond comfortable. Natural materials and rich textures come together to form a warm and relaxing aesthetic that begs the resident to stay in bed just a little longer.

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Varied wood boards and forest green accents nod to a jungle-like theme, surely effective at warming the soul throughout the long and cold winters in Kiev.

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Creative lighting is a recurring feature throughout the home. Lievore Altherr Molina designed the smooth and flat Cosmos pendants at the bedside.

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And the plush lounge chair is from the Tabano collection by Patricia Urquiola.

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Especially enviable is the small home library tucked away in the corner. An adjustable lamp facilitates light night reading. The backlit shelves likely contribute ambient light at night to reduce the harshness of the lamp alone.

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And finally, what luxurious respite is complete without a spacious walk-in closet? Complete with an upholstered bench and full-length mirror, this space is fully equipped as a dressing room.

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The bathroom is a work of art on its own – spacious, bright, and well arranged. Creative lighting features likely create an enchanting environment for midnight bubble baths.

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Lush plants thrive in the bright sunlight and humid air. The vertical garden and potted tree are sure to thrive here with careful maintenance.

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Smart partitions divide the bathroom into functional areas, with the shower hidden behind one of the tall glass panels.

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Twin vanities share a single cubby for hand towels and a convenient tray for toiletries. Tall mirrors reflect the vertical garden and extend its effect on the room.

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It certainly meets (or even exceeds) the expectations set by the rest of the impressive home.

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