24 Beautiful Pitchers To Pour Store Your Favorite Beverage

24 Beautiful Pitchers To Pour  Store Your Favorite Beverage

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Nothing polishes off a table like a beautiful pitcher. It sets a scene for a high-level board meeting, with cakes and pastries served alongside contemporary coffee jugs. It creates an atmosphere at the best hotels in the world, where a glass of breakfast orange juice dare not come out of a swirling machine. You’ll know from eating in hipster cafes and attending weddings, baby showers and even beautifully-presented home-made dinners what a great pitcher can add – or take away – from a gathering. We’ve put together a list of the best pitchers for all occasions. Whether you’re hosting a pitch or simply serving the family at home, these stylish tea-infused, glass, ceramic and stainless steel finds wont go unnoticed.

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