Product Of The Week: Withings Smart Thermometer

Product Of The Week: Withings Smart Thermometer

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The recently released Withings Thermo has already broken into our list of the best smart home products you can buy right now. The advantage of Thermo is that it lets you take super fast contactless readings of your body temperature without the need for it to be poked under your tongue or armpits. With just a mere sweep across the forehead, Thermo takes its readings from the temporal artery which is considered to be the best spot to detect temperature as the blood there comes from the core of the body. As there is no body contact involved it the cleanest method available to measure your temperature.

1 | Buy It: $100 The clean design aesthetic also reflects on its app which plots readings over time and suggests causes, treatments and even when to seek expert help.

The form factor and the easy method of measuring makes it less intimidating for babies.

The 16 built-in infrared sensors take over 4000 measurements in a split second to arrive at the correct body temperature.

Needless to say it works on adults too.

See it in action here:

You can get in on Amazon here.

Watch the video: This is a smart thermometer (May 2022).