Tasteful Indoor Garden Inspiration In Two Open Layout Homes

Tasteful Indoor Garden Inspiration In Two Open Layout Homes

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Are you looking for houseplant inspiration that really stands out from the rest? These interior gardens just might inspire you to think even bigger. This pair of lovely modern homes uses indoor garden installations to draw the eye from anywhere in the room, a useful feature considering the scale of their spacious open layout interiors. Each home takes a different approach – the first features a freestanding bamboo garden, and the second adorns the wall with a vibrant vertical garden. Both techniques are easy to tweak to suit your needs, given a little DIY experience and a skilled green thumb.

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  • Architect: KDVA Architects
This interior in Moscow takes inspiration from the simple and balanced forms of traditional Japanese design. It boasts a 110 square meter layout, stretching its functionality with spare furniture and an open yet compartmentalized layout for a freer sense of movement. But the most striking feature just might be the carefully manicured bamboo garden occupying the junction near the main walking paths.

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Bamboo is fast growing, hardy, and provides perhaps one of the easiest ways to create a miniature “forest” right in the home.

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Outside of the vibrant green focal point, the rest of the interior sticks to a minimalist palette based on stone and sand. Natural textures keep things simple throughout.

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Streamlined furniture and fixtures preserve the emphasis on pure space and form. This ultra-focused approach is challenging but worthwhile.

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Basic metal framing serves as a coat rack at the entryway. There’s still plenty of space to add extra shelving or drawers if demand for storage increases.

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The bedroom has a unique configuration with the mattress raised on an upholstered platform. It’s a comfortable place to sit and relax, enjoy the window view, or sprawl out with a book. Strong linear forms leave open space toward the ceiling – an uncomplicated view that won’t distract from sleep or concentration.

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A unique volume houses the bathroom separate from the rest of the suite, looking almost like a passageway.

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The tub’s position at the forefront of the bathroom space allows the resident to feel connected with the rest of the bedroom and even yields a sliver of the view through the window across the room.

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Now let’s take a quick look at the children’s bedroom. This space breaks away from the neutrals and strict minimalism of the rest of the home and adopts a muted fuchsia to suit its young residents.

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Offset beds help each sibling feel as if they have their own individual space.

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A pair of workspaces overlooks the city below. Adjustable lamps, modular storage boxes, and delightful modern chairs make homework more comfortable.

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Behind the bookshelf, a little furnished nook offers a somewhat private space to study or read.

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While the rest of the home makes great use of light colors and simple surfaces, the bathrooms adopt a darker theme to create a relaxing atmosphere.

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Just look at that distinctive shower fixture! It is reduced to its most basic components, drawing the eye like a bold yet minimalist sculpture.

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  • Designer: Marta Gord
This apartment was designed with a young family in mind. The open living room layout offers plenty of space for the two young children to roam and play, with natural elements and vivid colors to stimulate their senses. Inspiring typography and attractive modern decor keep the parents feeling happy and comfortable.

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Two very different types of gardens spice up the interior. Behind the sofa, a variety of aquatic plants provides a comfortable habitat for the vibrant fish within.

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This vertical garden serves as a stunning focal point near the television and is one of the first things guests see as they enter the home.

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Decor represents all of the elements in turn: airy curtains, aquatic teal accents, grey stone tiles, faux fireplace, etc.

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Functional storage solutions make it easier to keep the home tidy without going too far into the minimalism territory. Open shelves always add character.

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The kitchen is a lovely open space decked out in textural grey cabinetry and playful tiles. Everything here is simple, smooth, and doesn’t detract from the decorative elements that benefit the living room as a whole.

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Although the layout technically follows the principals of an open layout, smart dividers contribute toward effective compartmentalization.

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Husk chairs (designed by Patricia Urquiola) further the geometric theme present throughout the living area.

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Soft materials and subdued colors bring out the comfort of the bedroom. The headboard wall and bedframe are fully upholstered, and layered carpets give the feet a warm place to land first thing in the morning.

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Patricia Urquiola’s popular Husk Chairs make a second appearance. They again tie into a geometric theme, this time with the chevron floors and rugs.

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A private office area makes it easier for the parents to get stuff done while the kids spend time occupied elsewhere.

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Glossy barely-translucent doors conceal the wardrobe for a neater appearance in the bedroom.

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Finally, the very best part! This whimsical bedroom is incredible, almost like it comes straight from a storybook. Polka dots and magical pendant lights set the stage for imaginative play.

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The younger child can feel right at home in the house-shaped bedframe, while the older child sleeps in the coveted spot facing toward the window.

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Built-in features make this little study area just as useful as it is adorable. Cork boards, framed prints, organizers, calendars, and more. This bedroom has everything a growing child could want.

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