Bright Scandinavian Decor In 3 Small One-Bedroom Apartments

Bright Scandinavian Decor In 3 Small One-Bedroom Apartments

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Who could have too much Scandinavian decor inspiration? This post tours three small apartments with one bedroom, each decorated in simple and sleek Nordic style with bright and spacious appeal. These spaces would make the most of their long winter months thanks to the bright white-heavy interiors and streamlined furniture. In fact, their limited floor plans actually emphasize the cozy Scandinavian themes – these are homes that where the walls embrace the soul, where layered textiles and intimate lighting just beg for a comfortable reading session in the evening.

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  • Visualizer: Sachin Mahajan
  • Source: Alvhem: Makleri Interior
This small apartment in Sweden is a comfortable and casual take on modern Nordic decor – streamlined furniture reduces the visual weight of the room for a light and airy aesthetic. White makes up the majority of the color palette to take advantage of the scant northern sun, while the more comfortable furniture pieces stand out with exceptional warmth thanks to their rich earthy tones.

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Transparent accent furniture allows for a clear line of sight across the open layout interior.

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The transparent effect is obvious with the acrylic lounge chairs, but the wire breakfast stools and the decorative birdcage demonstrate this smart technique too.

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A stripe of horizontal floorboards marks the transition between spaces. It’s fun to note that even the floors tie back into the overall decor style – a sleek and modern take on Scandinavian chic.

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Although serious collectors may not approve of this home library method, the result does look very cool – and the tall stacks even double as convenient tables!

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Houseplants are a crucial part of any Scandinavian interior. Year-round springtime is only possible indoors.

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Windowsill houseplants are especially common in Nordic decor. Because northern winters are so long and the daylight hours so short, this is often the only way to make sure that non-native plants remain healthy.

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Low-poly stags combine a taste of the North with sleek modern design. There are plenty of paper folding guides online so you can create something similar right at home.

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A look back across the living space leads the eye to the bedroom.

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Immediately, ruffles of all patterns clearly announce this room as a cozy and chic refuge from the worries of the world.

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The room enjoys lavish decoration already, so the other sources of ornament take a simpler approach. Typography is a nice minimalistic choice for a space like this.

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A sweet and simple office occupies the corner of the room, tucked into an enviable spot near the window and radiator. The desk itself is a classic cottage style with traditional ring-type handles.

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An artful view like this one makes deskwork feel so much more pleasant.

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  • Visualizer: Sachin Mahajan
This cottage-inspired Scandinavian home includes traditional elements next to sleek modern influences. Distressed wood floors immediately set the scene as a chic and casual style, with patterned pillows to up the sense of playfulness. On the other hand, the typographic decor and bold contemporary lighting bring the entire interior back up-to-date.

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Outside of the spray of flowers on the table, the rest of the decor sticks with black and white. This interior is going to feel bright even on the darker days of winter.

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These incredible pendant lights are from famous Italian product designer Michele De Lucchi.

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And the ceramic stove, of course, is a truly traditional icon of the far North. These stoves are just as useful as they are beautiful – the ceramic absorbs the heat and slowly radiates it throughout the day and night.

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A small formal dining room occupies the space between the living room and the kitchen. It’s separated enough to block out a bit of noise from the living area, but still open enough to preserve the line of sight all the way across the home.

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Low pendant lights illuminate the table well enough for relaxed reading and intimate dinners alike.

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The kitchen hosts a more casual eat-in dining area. Grey and wood accents temper the stark black and white interior design theme.

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This space looks out toward the entryway and living room.

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Small typographical details bring character to the walls. A collage of photography on the refrigerator is a very charming touch.

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It’s so easy to find neat decor ideas throughout the kitchen, with a wealth of ideas on the countertop alone. The ceramic storage jars are cute, and the wire mug rack would make a fun DIY project for the weekend.

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And, of course, the geometric tiles present a modern impression right on entry.

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French doors swing open to give the bedroom a studio’s view over the main living spaces.

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Simple decor leaves plenty of room for bold details but requires careful use of the floorplan – this open clothes rack, for example, boasts a much freer aesthetic than a full-scale wardrobe would.

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Perforated stars offer a relaxing and subtle source of light for the evenings. The modern floor lamps to either side of the bed provide a more focused beam for reading. And, of course, the ceramic stove is not to be missed.

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It’s hard not to love this super-streamlined desk arrangement. The stool, architects lamp, and simple table allow the artwork to take center stage.

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The view out of the bedroom infinitely increases the perceived feeling of spaciousness throughout the home.

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Bedroom closet space enjoys the warmth of a carpet for shiver-free dressing in the morning.

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Despite the darkness and cold of Nordic winters, this home feels like a cozy space to spend them.

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  • Visualizer: Quân Xiền
This apartment design caters to the needs of a newly married couple, designed with a minimalist approach (lots of room to grow) and ample houseplants to bring the outdoors inside. The retro furniture designs are beautifully Nordic – the home of many icons of Mid-Century Modern design.

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Pastel colors pop around every corner. Soft red, mint green, powder blue, and a sunny light yellow make the space feel lightweight but not boring.

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Green immediately ends at the living room-kitchen boundary. Here, yellow rules the day.

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The bedroom adopts natural themes as well, with another pastel retro palette for your inspiration. The botanical drawings definitely bring the space together.

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Tiny blue and yellow accents further bring the colors of the springtime into the interior.

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