Modern Masterpiece in Bel-Air

Modern Masterpiece in Bel-Air

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Chances are, most of us will only get to lay eyes on a home such as this through our computer screens. Designed by Paul McClean, this mansion has a stunning seven bedrooms and twelve bathrooms! Found in Bel-Air, California, youll soon see that the dramatic city view is one of this homes best features. You can see the twinkling lights of the city in almost every room. Along with a spectacular view, it appears that each bedroom has access to the expansive patios. With such lovely weather in California, the windows can be slid open and guests can wander outside and inside of the space.

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Wouldn’t you love sitting on one these black couches and drinking champagne while looking over the city? The owners of this home get to do just that every day of their lives! This home has sweeping views of the twinkly lights at night.

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There is much drama to be had in this massive mansion on a mountain in California. The electric fireplace runs the length of the stone wall. Black furniture in two different spots are anchored by rugs.

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  • Architect: Paul McClean
A large home bar makes entertaining easy as cake in this Bel-Air home. The bar has stone countertops and black barstools. Blue under shelf lighting in the back makes it look ultra cool.

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Even during the day (or early morning) the room looks fantastic. Black leather furniture is highlighted with throw pillows and a few blankets. Two side tables, closer to the bar, are made with twisted stacked books.

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It’s easy to take a dip in this beautiful infinity pool. The city sky meets the water perfectly and it feels as if you might drop off the side. Illuminated blue, this pool is more like a club in Las Vegas than a personal residence.

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In this home, the seating never ends. On top of the seating by the pool, there are gray couches and chairs to lounge on. Stainless steel accents make the home look rich. The sculpture beside the couch and the legs of the coffee tables coordinate to bring the outdoor living room together. Green decor balls on the table break up the darker hues.

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When you have such a massive space it’s important to designate different zones. Zones can be anchored by rugs. You can tell by looking at this room that there are three seating areas. The first is by the fireplace, the second is on the black rug between the two chairs, and the third is at the barstools.

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White sleek floors are kept sparkling to mimic the use of lighting throughout the home. On either side of this living space you can see oversized chandeliers that hang from the ceiling. These lights give the room symmetry and an air of elegance. The dramatic lighting created by the canned lights in the ceiling is multiplied by the reflection in the stone wall.

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The use of books to add accents in this space is inspiring. The acrylic bookstand in this image keeps a magazine or book open to a certain page for viewing. This is fun to direct guests to or to keep your place when you’re reading leisurely. The teal book on the left also adds another hue to the dark space. Don’t forget the throw pillows! A hint of shimmer comes off the pillows and matches the rest of the room.

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In a home as grand as this you would expect it to have all the bells and whistles. This home theater is perfect for relaxing in with friends and family The color scheme is different than the rest of the home and there are many tan shades used. Tiered theater seating faces the screen and two sculptural cherries sit playfully on the coffee table. Cozy blankets are thrown over the couches and are made available for relaxing with.

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One of the few places within this home without a view of the city, this hallway speaks for itself. The white walls and white floor floods the space with reflected light from the three pendents. A steel railing and steel baseboards are cohesive.

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Almost every bedroom at 864 Stradella has access to the pool and a breathtaking view. This bedroom has very little color. The white bedding is modern and the white throw pillows keep the view as the focal point. The simple bench at the bottom of the bed is also unfussy.

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This purple bedroom has a little bit more going on than the last bedroom. Placed on a thick gray rug, the bed is filled with purple bedding and throw pillows. There are different seating options throughout the room and there is a large mirror, leaning on the wall, which multiplies the view. A favorite accent is the pendent light which hangs in the corner to the right of the bed.

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One of the most colorful items used in this home as an accent is the painting hanging on this bedroom wall. The painting has brighter neon colors and features a man playing guitar. The colors from the painting are then carried throughout the room. The red from the art is then duplicated on the two pillows on the bed. Everything in the space is symmetrical except the two pieces of art. One is on the side wall and the other is right above the bed.

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With a closer look at the painting you can tell that it really does define the room. Even the magnificent cityscape in the background fades in comparison to the art.

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This hallway in 864 Stradella is made of glass. You can see completely through it and inside it. A sculpture sits dramatically inside on the left and a cream walkway leads you to the opening doors.

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From this angle, you can see the home bar as well as the large wine collection from outside. An outdoor walkway is perfect for a late evening walk. Each side of the house is artfully lighted and this gives the home a cinematic feel. The wine wall is backlit with blue.

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An elongated fire pit welcomes guests and can be seen from the different bedrooms in the home. From here you can see the use of different lighting to give each area of the home a different energy and feel. A large grass awaits bare feet from the pool and bedrooms.

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Meant for entertaining guests, this home has plenty of spaces dedicated to having a good time. This billiards room is modern. There is a high pile rug under the pool table and contemporary art hanging on the walls. A lit-up piece of art depicts a downtown city, which could be the same city that the home overlooks.

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What a clever way to display your hundreds of bottles of wine! This wine wall is illuminated with a blue light and can be seen through the home. It’s canned lights on all sides treat the bottles as if they were rare paintings in a museum. Now we just wonder how they get the bottles down when they’re ready for a glass!

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Counter space is something that comes in abundance in this Bel-Air home. Marbled stone gives the room a classic look while stainless steel appliances keep it up-to-date. A hostess won’t have to miss a minute of talk since the kitchen overlooks the living room.

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The landscaping around this home is pristine. Lighting is used to create excitement and expectations up the drive. Shrubs are cut alongside the wall and you can immediately see through to the sculpture in the entryway.

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With a massive California home comes a massive car collection. These sports cars call this showcase garage home. Black tile is lit up with lots of canned lighting. Each car is expertly parked and maintained.

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Instead of looking like a garage, this space looks like showroom. Each luxurious car is parked at an angle. Why is there a need for flatscreen TVs in a garage? We’re not sure, but it looks cool!

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When approaching 864 Stradella you’ll have to go through this gate which is lit up. In the background you see parts of the home and can see the tall ceilings and windows of glass.

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Another outdoor space in this home has white flooring that blends in with the inside of the home. There are sculptures in the garden that are lit up and meant to be enjoyed.

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In this image, you can see the dining room table which has access to outside. Once outside in a courtyard the flooring seems to match that of inside. There is a flatscreen TV, a fire pit and a couch to relax on. Different spaces in the home are interconnected by their access to outside.

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