A Sleek And Surprising Interior Inspired By Scandinavian Modernism

A Sleek And Surprising Interior Inspired By Scandinavian Modernism

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The streamlined and modern side of Scandinavian-inspired decor is a wonderful choice for designers who want a calm and cohesive style that remains open to future alterations. Perhaps thats why ZROBYM Architects used this fresh feeling theme for this adorable two-story residence created with a young couple in mind – its easy to maintain a stylish and up-to-date home when youre starting with such a versatile style. The floor plan stretches over 292 square meters, all illuminated by tall windows, serving as the perfect foundation for Nordic themes.

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Beginning the tour with the living room, visitors are immediately greeted by bright yellow accents against a backdrop of neutral grey and light-toned wood cladding. The wood floors are certainly a hallmark of Scandinavian design, but other features break the mold and enter into unique territory – like the plaster manta ray hanging on the wall. The Flos Mod 265 swing arm wall lamp adds to the drama.

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Tinted concrete gives the television wall a touch of industrial flair without diminishing the warm aesthetic of the room. Nordic essentials like the fireplace get a modern update with a clear glass fireplace screen, the wood stack made decorative piled in a streamlined nook.

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Don’t miss the cozy gathering space in the corner of the living room! Plush beanbag chairs and a low table offer a relaxing atmosphere for reading or catching up with friends.

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Just around the corner, separated only by a weightless glass wall, the dining room and kitchen share the rest of the L-shaped open plan space.

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Simple sculpted wood sets an effective backdrop by a Scandinavian table setting. The chairs are from London-based designer Sebastian Wrong for Danish furniture company Hay.

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The kitchen is separated from the dining area only by the edge of its island, which conveniently doubles as a stylish wine rack easily within reach of dinner guests.

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Inside, eclectic tiles mark a dramatic transition from homey simplicity to daring charisma.

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This dining and kitchen combination is actually the first thing the residents see when entering through the creative entryway at the rear of the home.

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And here’s that entryway visible from the dining room. Geometric tiles make a bold impression, continued by the large white panels tessellated across the wall.

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A dash of yellow serves as a playful focal point.

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Gorgeous artwork unites the greyscale scale palette. The stairs, however, reintroduce wood into the equation – the combination of concrete and lumber combines urban sensibilities with Scandinavian style.

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A trip up the winding staircase brings visitors to the private areas of the home, like the office and bedrooms.

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High contrast paint continues beyond the stairwell to stretch the perceived length and height of the room. It’s a neat optical illusion – and a handsome choice for a modern home.

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Adorable! Small home libraries are always so inspiring and fun to see. This one enjoys its comfortable niche at the end of the hallway, soaking up the sunlight that filters down from the angled window above.

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While the main length of the hallway enjoys the openness of the gabled ceiling, the smaller passages drop back down to a standard height.

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Even some of the doorways continue the half-and-half paint theme.

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The office is sleek and professional, with just a few decorative features to make it feel like home.

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A media center can lighten the mood during breaks from work or entertain business guests while they’re waiting.

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Although it has minimalist lines, this chair combines so much functionality it stands out as an interesting and playful feature on its own.

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The tour includes a look at two calm and collected bedrooms. This one continues with the light wood theme found in the social areas on the first floor of the home, for a continuous feeling of calm from morning to night.

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Vanity and desk share a niche in the shelving to conserve floor space.

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Seating, television, and adorable planters occupy the other side of the room.

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A single armchair stands by ready for early morning contemplation or light reading before bed.

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The master bedroom is a little more intricate. It makes the most of its ample visual real estate with bold and adventurous patterns.

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By limiting bold patterns to the textiles used throughout the room, the residents can easily change the style or color of the space any time they want.

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Each bathroom uses a different layout and tile theme but all share the same black and white color combination.

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Two of the bathrooms are exceptionally bright thanks to skylights. This one must be the master bath – the large hot tub looks like a fine place to relax at the end of a hard day.

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Wooden floor mats are always an interesting and comfortable addition to any bathroom, and serve as a more attractive choice for transparent shower enclosures compared to the standard fare.

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Indirect lighting brightens the side of the room unaffected by the angled window.

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The other sky-lit bathroom dazzles with a classic arrangement of small mosaic tiles.

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Even when limited to black and white, patterns like these can energize a room instantaneously.

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Tall ceilings like these give designers the freedom to explore adventurous decor styles that might overwhelm a more constricted area.

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And finally, here’s an alternative entryway to close out the tour. The coatrack would make a fun and inexpensive DIY project for an empty weekend.

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