Super Stylish Kids Room Designs

Super Stylish Kids Room Designs

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Designing for kids can be tough. Going down the road of themes risks that in a few years they’ll have totally changed their mind and you’re stuck with a color, bedding, and maybe even a bunch of art you just can’t keep. The designers we’ve gathered for you here have taken a modern approach to children bedroom design. Playing with bright spaces, fresh colors, and fun elements - these spaces are kid friendly and will last well into the teen years.

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  • Visualizer: Olia Paliichuk
This room is modern and fresh. We love the mix of the maroon, muted tangerine, and that ashy blue because they pop against one another but in a subdued way. It’s fun but classy. Plus, we adore that neon light.

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From here you can see some of the more fun, kid elements in the space. There’s an adorable bear design on the wall, a cushion for reading on, and a nice homework desk right under the window. The tv cabinet is packed with storage for all those toys and crafts too, making this space perfectly organized.

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What’s great about the bear is that he’s not too childish. He is cute but created in a very modern and tasteful way – so this piece could become a favorite that the child carries for years to come.

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From here you can see some of that awesome storage we were talking about. Slide books into the side, open up the front for baskets, and underneath there is even extra room if you needed to add bins. Here you can also see the awesome color play at work.

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  • Visualizer: Olia Paliichuk
We adore this kids design because it is so fun and fresh. Granted, this one is a bit more childish and might be harder to grow into with that bed frame – but you have to admit how cute it is. The light tangerine walls bring out the color in the fox decals, and we love the herringbone floors.

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There’s tons of storage in this space which is a must for kids rooms. There’s drawers under the bed, shelves above and the (massive desk) and even under the ottoman attached to the bed.

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And did we mention there’s closets too? We love the color play in this room as well – yellow and blue are contrasting colors so they always look great together. But we love how it’s not just baby blue and mellow yellow – because it adds a bit of sophistication to the space.

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Another fun element of the room are those lamps hanging above the bed frame. The bed frame then becomes multipurpose – a place where kids can hang christmas lights, string art and photos, or put blankets up and make a tent.

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This kids bathroom is fun, and bright. We love how the sink faucets have a pop of color, and how the rest of the room is modern and looks really easy to clean.

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There are some more fun elements in here too like the reindeer with a light as a nose, and that great towel and bathrobe rack.

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These pieces are fun and funky. They do have a more childish element to them, but this is a kids bath after all.

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The tiles are perfect for this space. The colors are bright and fun for kids – but still modern enough to be a funky adult accent piece.

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  • Visualizer: Olia Paliichuk
This kids bedroom will easily stand the test of time – until the teen years at least. The designers been able to achieve this with a modern and fresh color scheme, and classic elements that can be added onto in the years to come. For example, new pillows could be replaces when the round ones wear out.

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The muted, peachy pink is a wonderful choice because it’s not overpowering. Pinks, purples, and other bright colors can lose their luster after a few years – but a classic color like this will last. We also adore how it’s been paired with that light turquoise.

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This desk will serve as a drawing table, math homework spot, and college application writing space in the years to come. It’s modern design won’t go out of style and there’s tons of good desk space and storage.

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The bathroom continues the pink and turquoise color scheme which is fun and classy. The blue tiles make the space look airy and clean.

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While this bathroom is perfect for any kid – some adults might be jealous of this well designed space. There’s plenty of counters and storage – plus the colors are fresh and fun.

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  • Visualizer: Olia Paliichuk
This kids room is totally fun. We love the pop of color, and how the rest of the room is more muted but filled with great pieces that will last into the teen years like the dresser, shelves, and table.

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A kid needs space to play, and this room has it. With a rug for spreading out legos, a beanbag for reading, and a desk for crafts – this room gives the kids plenty of space to get creative.

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Over the years those shelves are going to hold many toys and schoolbooks. These are a great design that can be utilized for years to come.

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But of course, it is a kids space so a fun element like this wall decal, and that climbing rope and ladder add some of that young whimsy you just need in a kids bedroom.

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  • Visualizer: Olia Paliichuk
This loft space is an incredible room any kid would enjoy. The loft makes room for a reading nook and desks and then leaves the rest of the room open for play.

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On the other side there’s a whole other loft fitted perfectly with a ladder, a peep hole window, tons of comfy pillows – and that bright chartreuse. This color is amazing because it’s fresh and fun, but also really modern.

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This is the spot where any kid would love to spend their time reading or scheming.

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We didn’t mention there was also a slide, and even a jungle gym to climb up in there! This element is totally kid friendly and we adore it for it’s creativity.

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The beautiful chartreuse looks great against that ice blue and those warm wood floors. These colors keep this space nice and fun.

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And what kid wouldn’t want to slide into their play area? Parents, take note!

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  • Visualizer: Łukasz Głogowski
This room is packed with storage and great design. We love the alcove created for the bed because it’s fun, but also frees up space in the rest of the room.

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What a desk! That will be the perfect spot for multiple projects, and those shelves are going to hold storybooks for years to come. We love the light ashy wood they’ve used in the desk and drawers because it looks great against the cool blue.

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Besides the desk and shelves, there’s ample hidden space in this room as well like under the bed, and in the closets. It’s all about maximizing the space you have.

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From in the bed you can see just how fun this room is. There’s a ladder leading up to a little alcove for reading or stashing toys.

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More storage! Can you believe it? When designing a kids room think about all the years of stuff that’s going to accumulate and try and find smart solutions to help fit it all.

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From above you can see that the space they’re working with isn’t all that large. But by using bright colors, and getting creative they’ve totally maximized this rooms potential.

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  • Visualizer: Alexey Gulesha
This last one from designer Alexey Gulesha has a minimalist sheen to it.

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The designer expertly handles the tricky ceiling by integrating it to a cozy bed nook…

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… with generous storage.

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The blank side wall is the perfect canvas for some leisure.

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