Bright and Cheerful: 5 Beautiful Scandinavian-Inspired Interiors

Bright and Cheerful: 5 Beautiful Scandinavian-Inspired Interiors

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Scandinavian decor has proven to be an important influence on contemporary design. But this isnt exactly a new trend – youll notice ample Nordic elements in the creative forms and materials of Mid Century Modern designs, in the powerful simplicity of the Minimalist movement, and in the casual lightness of chic cottage styles popular today. This post explores five interiors based on the light and airy side of Scandinavian interior design, each one unique in its own way. If youre been looking for the perfect Nordic decor inspiration, this post should offer several options to investigate.

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  • Visualizer: aTng 糖
This crisp white interior combines organic and industrial materials for the perfect compromise between Scandinavian and urban design. Simple furniture and playful patterns contribute to the sense of wonder, with whimsical details revealing themselves at every turn.

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Cool grey textiles center the living room, bordered by warmer accents on all sides. The occasional wooden detail makes the interior feel warm and inviting.

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Despite its neutral color palette, this home bucks the trend of minimalist Scandinavian interiors and more readily embraces a more traditional homey-feeling atmosphere.

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Books, potted plants, snapshots, and artwork are just a few of the elements that bring personality to each visible surface.

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Bold tiles make the kitchen stand out from the rest of the home.

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A quirky mural on the leftmost wall definitely alludes to Nordic pop art influences.

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The bedroom looks extremely comfortable and cozy as well. It emphasizes textiles, starting with a thick cable-knit rug and building upward into smart coordinated layers.

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Small boxes in every shade of grey and tan hide personal artifacts so the lovely arrangement of artwork and plants can take center stage.

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Clever typographic artwork decorates area near this adorable sawhorse craft table, where the occupant can wear out a little creativity before bed.

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  • Visualizer: Łukasz Głogowski
Scandinavian influence can flavor the aesthetics of a minimalist interior as well. Here, knotty wooden floors feel whimsical with just the right amount of classic and contemporary style and sharp geometric prints bring subtle character to the feature wall. This interior is wide open and forgoes extraneous decoration in favor of careful composition and smart design selections.

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The living room plays with light and shadow, using a darker grey on the wall near the leftmost window. Straight ahead, a tangle of pendant lights cuts a casually messy profile against another window.

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Like any well-built Nordic home, this space places a heavy emphasis on its central fireplace. Benches line the walls nearby to serve as extra seating and an attractive spot to stow extra firewood.

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Residents can admire the outdoors from the comfort of this charming window seat, or perhaps read a book beneath the stars with illumination from the handsome Parentesi floor lamp.

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Joined to the kitchen through the door on the left, the dining room occupies the sunniest part of the living room.

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A mixture of Eames chairs adds controlled variation to the dining set. Minimalist candleholders set the mood for formal dining, and Aim Pendants provide spot lighting from above.

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Because of its location overlooking the living room, the dining arrangement serves as a secondary gathering area when the hosts have a larger number of guests.

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This view from the kitchen demonstrates how the staircase separates the public and private areas of the home. Here, the minimalistic influence is condensed – save for the delightful neon sign.

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  • Visualizer: aTng 糖
When non-Scandinavians try to envision a Nordic interior style, one of the most common factors is lightness. Sunlight isn’t as harsh or as long lasting in the North, and winters do get quite dark and cold. It makes sense to style an interior in a way that takes the greatest advantage of whatever light may be available – many people address this issue by relying on a white color theme, while others go even further and choose streamlined furniture that won’t cast heavy shadows.

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Like the tables, most of the other furniture maintains a slim and low profile for lightness. But the sofa is the heart of the room and makes an appropriately substantial visual impact through its plush form and darker colors.

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Sleigh leg chairs, small plants, and spare decoration help facilitate the weightless look the designer worked hard to accomplish. This is an intensely curated interior, ideal for a minimalist.

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Wireframe shapes, white-on-white framed artwork, and clear glass bottles contribute to the ethereal atmosphere even further.

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The dining arrangement stands thin and spindly like delicate saplings in the winter, the live edge on the tabletop a reminder of what lies beneath a thin dusting of snow. The chairs are a classic Danish style.

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  • Visualizer: Mark Hunter
Just look at that view! This home may incorporate a Nordic approach to design, but its atmosphere feels like a warm-weather retreat. Floor-to-ceiling windows are probably somewhat uncommon the further north you travel whereas this interior puts everything on display with a spectacular panoramic view. At first glance, it seems endlessly spacious despite the living room and dining room sharing the same area.

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The dining chairs to the left are from the Cover series by Copenhagen-based designer Thomas Bentzen and the breakfast stools are from the Nerd collection by German-born industrial designer David Geckeler.

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Luxury stone worktops and backsplashes add just a hint of flavor to the otherwise pristine white kitchen.

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Here’s a take on what the kitchen might look like without an island. This potential for alternative views is part of what makes digital visualization such a powerful architectural tool.

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It’s nice to note that this island doesn’t have a recessed spot to put your legs while sitting on the stools – almost any island can become a secondary dining area!

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Now, here’s a look at the extra-relaxing bedroom setup. Layers of fabric and red-tinted white walls make the entire atmosphere seem warm and comforting even though the decorations are a lovely cool blue.

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Wood floors are a common theme in many Scandinavian interiors, comfortable on the feet even in cold weather. The bedroom doubles up with a plush grey rug.

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Tasteful decorations use simple forms and colors to add character without overwhelming the interior theme.

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  • Visualizer: Ksenia Mokhova
Vintage influences rule this interior! Bentwood furniture and industrial-inspired lighting bring classic charm to an otherwise modern interior, adding layers of context and aesthetic influence to appreciate. Merging industrial aesthetics with charming modern design is a great way to acknowledge the history of an urban building, and this home makes a big statement right from the start.

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Lively, exciting garden views allow this interior to feel as open and free as can be.

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Glossy white cabinets reflect as much bright light back into the kitchen as possible. It’s hard to go wrong with light wood.

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