Sophisticated Small Bedroom Designs

Sophisticated Small Bedroom Designs

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Just because a space is small and modest doesnt mean you can pack it in style. With small spaces its actually best to be very intentional with your design to not only maximize the space at hand, but determine where your eye falls in the room. Instead of focusing on the size, give the eye the ability to look upwards or focus on the stunning little details. So take a look at these modest bedrooms to get some ideas as to how you could create your own upscale, sophisticated, and functional small bedroom.

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  • Visualizer: Lê Hoàng Nhật Nam
This bedroom is small, but has all you need plus style. We love the cool grays, warm woods, and browns that make this space feel warm and inviting yet chic.

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Plus, when you need it, the bed folds back up. A murphy bed is a great solution to a small room and can still be done in a way that looks great while still being functional.

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The shelves in this space are so chic. We love the dark wood contrasted against the honey colored wood of the murphy bed.

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This blue gray wall is a wonderful accent to the warm, brown, color pallet reflected in the rest of the room. You might think a dark color like this would make the space smaller, but the blue tones add depth and the rest of the colors are mostly light and pop off of it with contrast.

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And with the bed back up, this space is a self contained office.

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The surround may make this bed look like it’s also a murphy bed, but in fact it’s just a beautiful surround with book shelves. We love the warm woods and creams in this room because it make it feel light and fresh for such a small space.

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The tall curtains draw your eyes up and away from how little width this room really has. The mix of the blue and gray against the warm colors of the rest of the space also looks really sharp, and the fabrics they’ve used add a very expensive feel.

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Just because you have a lot to fit inside a small space doesn’t mean you should compromise on style. We love the fabrics, colors, and small accents like the styling of the bookshelf and the drawn curtains by the window.

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Modern, chic, yet compact, this space boasts all you need and more — from the hidden storage under the bed to the wonderfully crafted headboard.

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Covered in throw blankets , surrounded by rich wood, and bathed in soft natural light, this bed looks like the perfect place to rest your mind after a long day.

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This space may not be large, but it’s packed with sensibility and style. The glossy brown accent wall reflects tons of light, and the white on wood closet not only looks great but holds everything you could need inside.

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This floating vanity and shelf adds extra space without taking up much room visually.

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The small details like wooden cabinets on the inside, to bushed metal hardware make this space feel tasteful and expensive.

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The details matter, and they’re what make these tiny spaces really shine. We love the fabric on the vanity seat and how it matches the bed spread — it’s such a nice touch that adds continuity and a real sense of intentional design to this room.

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The contrast of dark and light also really works in this small space because they’ve achieved it on so many levels: shiny and organic, light and dark, cool and warm. The elements in this space are constantly complimenting and contrasting each other which takes the focus away from how small the room really is.

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  • Visualizer: Yaroslav Kovalchuk
This bedroom is masculine and filled with plush fabrics that make it feel like a million bucks — from the rug to the velvet throw.

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This headboard is phenomenal. The light wood going vertical draws the eye up and away from the narrow space, and the color just pops against that graphite gray.

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What’s even better is how they’ve carried the wood up onto the ceiling to continue drawing your eye around the room, and make you feel like you’re in a den of design.

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From this angle you can really see how the wood carries through the space, drawing your eye up and around and eventually out to that stellar beach view.

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Modest sized rooms need impeccable styling, and thats been done here. From the pop of color in the books to this fantastic brushed metal and linear bedside table lamp.

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The plus rug against this tweed, very tightly stitched bed is a great juxtaposition that adds so much dimension to this small space.

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  • Visualizer: Eke Interior
This final bedroom is a great example of very intentional design. Everything here works — from how the line of the shelving/desk/reading nook/bedside table frames the room to how it’s actually amazingly functional and smart.

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We love how modern has been mixed with a bit of vintage here. From the spooled chair at the desk to the lamp attached to the wall. These small accents add flare and a real elegance to this otherwise stark and cool space.

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