A Modern California House With Spectacular Views

A Modern California House With Spectacular Views

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Weve all imagined living the high life in the Hollywood hills -- rolling up in a big car to a big house with a big pool. Well, this property tucked alongside LA will have you living out your biggest fantasies. With an infinity pool, fresh modern design that plays with light, and stunning design features, this property will leave you California dreaming. So take a tour through the fresh design and experience all this property has to showcase, night and day.

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  • Source: The Pinnacle List
Tucked in the Hollywood hills, this incredible property takes advantage of it’s hillside position to maximize views from the home and that infinity pool.

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The property protrudes from the lush LA greenery like a diamond in the rough. At dusk the house glows against the fading blue sky, and you can peep into all the spacious nooks and crannies of this stunning mansion.

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Talk about million dollar views! Besides having an entire wall open up to the LA skyline, the windows fold back into the home to let the California breeze sweep through the entire home.

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The minimalist, clean line furniture looks modern and luxurious in the space without taking away from what really matters: that view.

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What’s so special about this space is that during the day it boasts a golden glow, but at night it’s stark and bright and shines like a gem. This space achieves this look with tons of wonderful lighting from pot lights to chandeliers.

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This second living space is a true stunner. The purple hued carpet, couch, and pillows reflect the night sky and really pop against those modern wood walls. Wood walls are no thing of the past! Modern twists like this here, with mirrors in between the slits, makes this space just as glamorous as the people who will live in it.

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The silky fabric on the furniture adds a very luxe feel to this already over the top space.

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The views seamlessly continue as you head up to the lofty second floor of this home. The lights hang in the balance at eyesight, and the matching wood floors are a great transition to the next level of this space.

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The cool neutrals in this space really let the light-works shine. The backlit purple wall, the golden lights hanging over the dining table, and the fire place really pop and are the true show stoppers in this open living-dining area.

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This luxurious bar looks like it’s right out of a swanky LA night cub. The mirrored wall, warm woods, and those fabulous mirrored globe lights transform this corner into something special.

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The infinity pool is a real show-stopper. It’s concrete walls and cascading sides mirror the lines in the rest of the homes architecture, and like the rest of property it seemingly pops out of the hillside like a dream.

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The ultra modern lines and black white color combination outside are a perfect contrast to the lush greenery that surrounds the home.

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A closer look at the living space of that combo living-dining area reveals the stunning and clever design. The modern lounge chairsare covered in a cozy and approachable fabric, and the big lounge couch boasts a smart table that covers the arm to place down coffee, or a glass of wine from that fabulous bar.Despite the bold color choice that reflects a night club, this space feels like the perfect spot to kick back and relax.

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Upon closer inspection you can see the true beauty of this bar. The mirrored backsplash and globe lights reflect that stunning neon light, and the golden backlit of the bar is the perfect contrast. This bar will have you feeling like you’re in a music video.

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We love how a major theme of this home is the fun play on color, and light.

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The open concept of this home is very California. With an incredible climate who wouldn’t want to take advantage of the outdoor space? From the lounge chairs to the outdoor living and dining set — this place is made for enjoying in the sun or under the moon.

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Imagine taking a soak in that tub while soaking in all those views. This sleek and modern tub’s curved edges look spectacular in this minimalist and geometric space. Plus, the bright blue skies contrast against that warm wood looks like a million bucks in itself.

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A steam shower fit for the gods — it’s quite fitting that it takes center stage in this bathroom space. You rarely see a set up like this, but the beautiful marble and incredible finishes calls for a design just as unique around it.

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This kitchen might have even the worlds most renowned chefs drooling with jealousy! The gigantic marble island has a waterfall edges, just like the pool, and it’s reflective surface mirrors that of those sleek kitchen cabinets.We love how the ultra modern is mixed with the organic here: from the deep gray grains of the countertops to the varied wood flooring.

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This isn’t any old dusty wine cellar. This state of the art wine room displays the bottles like artwork: standing, laying, and leaning agains the metallic backdrop and safely behind giant glass doors.

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Fire and ice. Well, not totally. But the cool colored water feature right next to the fire pit is a great contrast and addition to what could have become just a forgotten corner.

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Don’t you just want to snuggle up with a book right there? This oversized lounge chair opened up to the views and tucked against the fire place lend itself perfectly to a nice night breeze.

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The brilliant lighting throughout the home extends into this bedroom space. The mood lighting in this space is both luxe and comfortable. With pot lights that reflect off that cool accent wall and all those purple undertones, the golden glass lights beside the bed really pop and add another element.

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Even with the lights off, this space glows in the bask of that natural light.

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This bedroom is a space for pure relaxation. The cool colors of the satin sheets and rug pop against the wood walls and floors making it look like the bed is floating on a cloud.

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You’d never know this couch was a piece of outdoor furniture — it’s just as luxurious and good looking as the other pieces inside the home. The trend in this high-end outdoor furniture is one you can also easily achieve at home. Invest in some modern outdoor furniture, or spruce yours up with some pillows like they’ve done here.

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The entire home is built to frame these sweeping valley views.

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The property pops right out of the hillside like a big while diamond. We love the modern lines against all the greenery, and the way the warm light illuminates it’s facade.

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From here you can see how the white tiles, that almost look like perfectly poured concrete, seamlessly flow with the white tiles inside the home, further joining the two spaces together.

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This entire home is about the little details of the massive space. The angled hot tub is another surprising element that adds a bit of intrigue to the already stunning outdoor feature.

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With all that natural light pouring into the space, the white of the living room almost blinds you. So grab your sunnies, take a seat on the couch, and admire the modern masterpiece that surrounds you.

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We love the light blue tint to the glass, it’s reflective of those ever-blue LA skies and the pool.

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From here you can see all the elements of the home come together. The bar inside and how it leads to the outdoor dining area, the flow of the outdoor and indoor living space, and how the entire home is situated to take in those views.

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Even when you’re in a spot of the home where you’re looking out to the other windows, you can admire the reflection of the skyline and great outdoors around you.

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We love how the glass railings from outside are also brought inside the house. It adds a great sense of continuity to this giant space.

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Wow, from here you really see how this home is sitting right on the edge of the Hollywood hills. Incredible engineering and stunning design have brought this house to this phenomenal property.

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To top off your Hollywood dream life of glamour and luxury, of course this home boasts the perfect driveway to show off an incredible supercar.So park your butt back down, and scroll through this page again — because we know you can’t get enough of this property and the dream.

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