4 Scandinavian Homes With Irresistibly Creative Appeal

4 Scandinavian Homes With Irresistibly Creative Appeal

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Scandinavian interior design encompasses a wide variety of styles, much more diverse than the magazines might portray. They can be bright or subdued, minimalistic or eclectic, modernist or chic, natural or colorful. So what are the defining features of this highly sought-after aesthetic? The contemporary Scandinavian style as we know it emerged in the 1950s, marked by a revolution to unify form and function with the goal of creating comfortable and accessible designs that anyone can appreciate. Lets look at a few artistic Scandinavian interiors that embrace playfulness and creativity in addition to sensible design:

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  • Designer: Kaschuk Kostyantyn
Designed by Kaschuk Kostyantyn, this bright and spacious home incorporates a variety of traditional Scandinavian themes alongside contemporary influences. The light hardwood floors are a throwback to classic Nordic style, whereas the streamlined furniture is a product of modern Scandinavian tastes. The bicycle hanging above the sofa? A fantastic conversation piece and a good introduction to the playful decor to come.

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The living room centers on a recessed entertainment center framed with the same wood as used on the floor.

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Red accents bring visual energy to the kitchen. The iconic CH33 dining chairs by Hans Wegner are a staple of Danish design, and work well to bridge the gap between the natural wood tones used throughout this space.

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Wolverine pop art joins a collection of sculptures and ceramics on a nice little display table tucked away into the corner.

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Typography and portraits make up the bedroom’s artistic theme. A plush rug under the bed keeps the feet warm in the mornings.

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Warm wood and bright white offer a beautifully flexible palette for decoration, but this home doesn’t require extra accessories – the materials are beautiful enough as they are.

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  • Designer: Anton Medvedev
You’re going to love this one! In creating a home sure to please the inner child, designer Anton Medvedev infuses this space with elements that are playful in nature yet stylish and artistic in context. Scandinavian decor often feels like a breath of fresh air due to its youthful energy and uncompromising honesty – and this modern interior incorporates a great deal of both.

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Immediately upon entering, a functional hopscotch board greets visitors with its charming simplicity. Who could possibly resist taking a skip?

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It’s hard to beat a first impression like this one.

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Charming yet functional accessories make this space feel like home.

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Brick accents and whitewashed floors bring the dining room down to earth. The rolling cart is actually from IKEA – look for the RÅSKOG model.

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Bowling pins and a pillow shaped like a potted plant seem eclectic, but they’re a wonderful way to express the interest of the owners in a unique and inspiring way.

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Note the textured wallpaper on the far wall – subtle but stylish!

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Of course, this balcony garden is absolute perfection. The decorative picket fences are such a cute and easy-to-adapt touch.

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Colorful button wallpaper and a clever ironing table set the stage for an amazing wardrobe area. It would likely look just as nice filled with vibrant clothing.

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Pastel yellow colanders gain a second life as pendant lamps in this gorgeous white kitchen. This might be a fun project to do at home.

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Black and white tile give the bathroom a simple and serious aesthetic, but the adorable carrot shower curtain brings an abundance of joy and personality.

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The minimalistic tiles were a great choice – this bathroom has to fulfill several roles, so too much decoration may have made the space look too cramped or cluttered.

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Such an efficient use of space! Not an inch is wasted.

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  • Designer: Zinaida Baklanova
Interior designer Zinaida Baklanova drew from her happy experiences living in Sweden as a child. The goal was not to emulate the specific furniture or styles, but to capture the general atmosphere and personality of Stockholm in a general sense. Everything from the arrangement to the colors were chosen to create a peaceful and relaxing environment for family to socialize and relax at the end of the day.

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The living areas revolve around a central kitchen, barely visible to the right. Open design allows for a greater feeling of connectedness between residents.

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When most people think of Scandinavian design, they think of vast expanses of white surfaces. These darker colors – especially the blue undertones – create an atmosphere of intimacy and comfort.

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The dining room is incredibly bright and open despite occupying a small space. Extra-wide floorboards and table legs offer a distinctive sense of scale.

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Serving as the hub of the home, the compact kitchen stands between the luminous dining room and the moody parlor. Its warm natural wood distinctly contrasts with the blueish tones found throughout the rest of the home.

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A peek over the kitchen island reveals two tall slender windows covered by gossamer curtains for an ethereal lighting experience.

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  • Architect: Aurélien BRION
French designer Aurélien Brion took an especially chic and cheerful approach within this lovely Scandinavian-inspired home. This one is especially eclectic in terms of decor – a variety of colors and styles tell the story of the resident’s tastes and interests, and offers endless inspiration for the viewers looking to spice up their own spaces with a touch of Nordic charm.

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So many fun details!

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Photographic lighting, cute fabric prints, and diverse modern artwork give the eye endless territory to wander and roam.

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Distressed floors and natural-looking chairs contribute to a carefree and organic personality.

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The bedroom is especially neat! The bed frame is constructed from reclaimed shipping pallets (sustainability is another hallmark of modern Scandinavian design). The bright yellow chair wasn’t designed in the north but does fit the aesthetic quite nicely.

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Rusty orange adds a big splash of passion to the kitchen, and a delightful hanging herb garden creates striking contrast in the background.

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