10 Stunning Apartments That Show Off The Beauty Of Nordic Interior Design

10 Stunning Apartments That Show Off The Beauty Of Nordic Interior Design

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Scandinavian influence has flourished in every element of design ranging from visual art and typography to architecture, of course, furniture and home decor. This post features 10 apartments that demonstrate the range and versatility of Scandinavian interiors - some offer the classic white and wood familiar from the Ikea magazines, while others tackle the broader definition of Nordic decor with bright colorful motifs. One of the best things about Scandinavian design is that almost anyone can integrate some of these classic looks within their own homes. Were sure youll find inspiration to suit your own signature style.

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  • Visualizer: Render Taxi
Our first interior starts with a concept for a renovation later completed by architects Anna Eugeni Bach, visualized here by Render Taxi. It plays up the importance of light in Scandinavian design, but adds at least one striking modernistic twist: an amazing ceiling that weaves a narrative between the bright light and corresponding shadow.

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The original tiles were recovered from the original restoration and later reconfigured in a series of distinctive stripes to outstanding effect.

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Decorated with wood and white surfaces, the kitchen essentially personifies the most basic Scandinavian design ideals.

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  • Visualizer: Duan
This next space is a little more colorful, and integrates plenty of natural themes. Bright color is always appreciated during long those Scandinavian winters so it makes sense to include as much life and vibrancy as possible.

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Storage is always a must – smart storage helps to keep things uncluttered, and these built-in solutions look especially natural here.

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This home is a great example to show that Nordic influence doesn’t require that everything come from Scandinavia. The mirror is from French designer Jacques Adnet, and the rightmost stools are by Fabio Bortolani.

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Decoration remains simple, and relatable.

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Beyond the adorable classical storage solutions is a fabulous accent wall decorated with oversized newspaper print.

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The kitchen is efficient and homey, with spice jars and extra dishes displayed on open shelves as a way to add extra character.

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Red and black make up a slightly more definitive color theme for the kitchen. The print on the rug shows up in many Nordic-inspired designs.

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  • Visualizer: Duan
This next space shows a side of Scandinavian design that uses wood elements more sparingly. Even the floor is lighter and more subdued, and the color theme exhibits a bold but easygoing grayscale theme enhanced by colorful accents in carefully chosen places.

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Here, you can get a good look at a few of the wooden accents used in the living room, including the legs of the open side table and the end of the sideboard cabinet in the back.

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Up for a game? The unique chess set on the table is a famous design from the Bauhaus school. Each shape expresses the allowed range of motion for a beautiful example of functionality through design.

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This casual overstuffed chair embodies “hygge” – the Scandinavian word that translates approximately to “cozy”.

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Such a playful composition! The wooden dining chairs are a classic style all over the world, and the molded Eames chairs have worked their way into the global design lexicon as well.

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Swedish designer Mattias Ståhlbom created the colorful series of E27 pendant lights pictured here. Notice how the cords route around and beneath the pop art prints hanging in the back.

  • 18 |
Although many people conflate Scandinavian influence with minimalism, the two are not always synonymous. It’s always lovely to surround yourself with objects you love.

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  • Visualizer: Duan
Yellow and blue accents give this playful apartment an exceptionally sunny and natural vibe. Classic furniture keeps things simple, and the bright geometric rug boosts the modernist effect. This space is defined by its charismatic decorations and smart storage solutions.

  • 21 |
Taken together, it would be hard to not feel at home in a space such as this one.

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So many lovely plants! Scandinavian winters aren’t completely bare, but coming home to a house full of thriving greenery will always lift the mood.

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Taxidermy doesn’t always fit well into modern homes, but it does bring to mind the hunting traditions of the north – the wonderful 3D deer head to the left offers a cool updated approach.

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Colorful concrete and wire mesh pendant lamps seem to defy gravity. These are from the Pot-Purri line by 3 Dots Collective.

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Check out the multi-tiered herb garden and the delicately painting nesting tables! Both designs help save a little space for a cleaner aesthetic.

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Bright, white, and classic – the bedroom is simple yet full of personality, warmed up with layers of gray fabric.

  • 27 |
Fun animal inspired artwork joins another indoor garden on the distinctive shelving system.

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Two additional concrete lamps hang above each bedside table. These feature vivid orange cords to match the single colorful bedside table.

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  • Visualizer: Duan
While this interior doesn’t follow the magazine-pristine version of interior design known from the magazines, it does certainly seem to bring to mind the smell of pine and the feeling of a brisk springtime breeze. The transparent glass coffee table almost looks like a chip of ice – but the furniture itself is cozy as can be.

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Strong textures beckon visitors to wrap up in a blanket and enjoy good conversation. Cable knit, shag, and bold fabric weaves reveal themselves in layers for maximum effect.

  • 32 |
Vintage crates and rebar shelves demonstrate a break from the minimalistic storage solutions we’re all so used to seeing. There’s always a place for both styles.

  • 33 |
White exposed brick and heavy wooden furniture provides a nice contrast to the minimalistic surfaces implemented to the right.

  • 34 |
A peek out the window reveals a palm tree and a coastal view – Scandinavian design influence has truly established itself anywhere good design thrives.

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  • Visualizer: Duan
Opening with a dramatic portrait of John Lennon, this interior definitely takes the classic all-white-and-wood approach familiar to Nordic design fans. It’s chic and minimalistic, without ever feeling too cold thanks to the wooden elements and layered textiles.

  • 37 |
Exposed brick also works wonders to warm the room.

  • 38 |
The Flag Halyard Chair is the work of Hans Wegner, perhaps one of the most renowned names in Scandinavian design. The pelt is a must-have element to soften the effect of the metal and rope. Here it serves as a beautiful lounge chair.

  • 39 |
Chipped and grizzled, the cinder block wall adds an incomparable touch of character to an already incredible interior.

  • 40 |
These stylish removable dining chair covers keep the seating fresh and clean all year round.

  • 41 |
Although the zebra print and unique kitchen pendant lights offer a distinctive aesthetic, the combination of layered materials is worth study as well.

  • 42 |

  • 43 |
  • Designer: Koj Design
  • Visualizer: Koj Design
Welcome to the colorful side of Scandinavian design! This space packs a bright and vibrant punch, quite different from the sterile all-white spaces touted by magazines. This interior is bursting with energy and color, expressing the personality of the resident at every turn.

  • 44 |
Nautical themes rule this aesthetic, with prints of sea creatures and anchors and more. The unfinished wood furniture is almost reminiscent of driftwood.

  • 45 |
Molded wood furniture makes its appearance in nearly every Nordic-styled home. The chair to the left is an iconic design by Eames.

  • 46 |
The cantilever lamp to the left is the work of designer Paolo Rizzatto.

  • 47 |
Here’s a wonderful view of a selection of nautical decor that brings life to the open living area.

  • 48 |
Bold and vivid! The kitchen is dripping with oceanic blue, reflected by the glossy appliances used throughout.

  • 49 |
It would be hard to forget spending time with friends in a kitchen as distinctive as this one.

  • 50 |
The lightest of blues pairs with golden yellow to create a bedroom aesthetic worth waking up to.

  • 51 |
The classic Acapulco chair is beloved in Scandinavia and elsewhere. It can function as a modern outdoor chair as well. The small side table is a design straight from Demark, by the very talented Thomas Bentzen. A Serge Mouille floor reading lamp gives company to the reading chair.

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No matter where you live, a home isn’t a home without plenty of love. The neat arrangement of framed prints centers the bed.

  • 53 |
This bedroom also makes good use of framed prints above the bed to compensate for the slightly off-center placement.

  • 54 |
The birdhouse theme is exceptionally adorable.

  • 55 |
Here, you’ll notice that the decorative birdhouse to the right is actually a convenient lamp to illuminate the work desk and cozy reading niche near the window.

  • 56 |
As always, storage plays a crucial role behind the scenes.

  • 57 |
Geometric themes dominate this ultra-modernist bathroom.

  • 58 |
The few hints of color come from wooden elements, potted plants, and a few spare pieces of decorative ceramic.

  • 59 |
Two-toned walls echo the grayscale tiles.

  • 60 |

  • 61 |
  • Architect: Kevin
This cheerful home contains an open living space with one small bedroom and one bathroom – but these spaces host an abundance of personality between them. Robin’s egg blue makes up the primary accent color with splashes of verdant green drawing attention toward the light sources.

  • 62 |
Eclectic furniture takes on a definite sense of Scandinavian influence, from the low-profile credenza to the wooden pendant lamp.

  • 63 |
Of course, bright magenta flowers help to brighten the space too.

  • 64 |
Rich fabrics provide the necessary sense of warmth needed to brave a long winter.

  • 65 |
Black and white isn’t an entirely typical theme for Nordic-inspired homes, but it certainly works well here.

  • 66 |
Cute! Classic entertainment and traditional cookware adds unmatched personality.

  • 67 |
The shadow-effect side tables to the right are the work of Ukrainian designer Dmitry Kozinenko.

  • 68 |
Wood, layered textiles, and plenty of sunlight – the bedroom gets back to the quintessential Scandinavian aesthetic.

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  • 70 |
  • Visualizer: ReFL Studio
Have you ever wondered what Bauhaus-meets-Nordic design would look like? Now you have your answer – this home is simple and refined, but contains a touch of rugged industrial influence hard to find anywhere else. Color accents are subtle and diverse but tend toward blue and yellow overall.

  • 71 |
Smeg refrigerators show up in so many Scandinavian-inspired interior designs, it’s easy to forget they were designed Italy. They seem to fit the Nordic aesthetic so well.

  • 72 |
A lovely mixture of chairs demonstrates a variety of design styles.

  • 73 |
In the kitchen, lovingly distressed tiles and a natural wood countertop balance the white minimalistic surfaces. The pendant is the Foscarini “Rock” light, made in collaboration with the Diesel fashion brand.

  • 74 |

  • 75 |
  • Architect: N-Gon Archviz
This lovely home a concept for the “Cabin in the Woods” project, visualized here by N-Gon Archviz. Furniture choices include Scandinavian classics in addition to modern offerings, with plenty of fun decor and distinctive materials to keep a visitor enchanted for days.

  • 76 |
It’s rare to see a Scandinavian home visualized at night even though the daylight hours are exceptionally short that far north. Night visualizations offer a wonderful opportunity to see the true effect of the interior lighting.

  • 77 |
Smooth Coco Flip pendants cast light on the wooden dining set. Note the flat-pack moose head to the left – so perfect!

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