7 Bedrooms With Brilliant Accent Walls

7 Bedrooms With Brilliant Accent Walls

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Because its such a private and intimate area, the bedroom offers unlimited potential for expressive decor. After all, you can always choose to skip it when giving guests the house tour! This post examines 7 creative bedrooms that took big chances with bold patterns and unusual materials, each one appealing to a different aesthetic. These rooms encourage the exploration of accent wall options like oversized headboards and dramatic lighting treatments, adventurous textures and distinctive decorations – and a few of these techniques are possible to recreate at home.

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  • Designer: Penint Design Studio
Gorgeous! This bedroom makes an immediate visual impact with rough textured concrete in a sharp geometric pattern, with oversized headboard panels above and below. Unique pendant lights from Tom Dixon hover above the cantilever bedside tables (also concrete) and a bright patterned rug energizes the color palette.

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Seeing the snowy branches outside really emphasizes how warm and inviting this bedroom turned out to be, especially considering the cold reputation of concrete.

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  • Designer: Elena Sedova
This artistic monochromatic room uses subtle white-painted panels as a backdrop to the stunning portrait on the wall behind the bed. A striking, textural rug draws the eye toward the artwork to maximize its position as the focal point of the room. The singular brown chair balances the distribution of visual weight.

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Cosmos pendant lamps flank each side of the bed and add a distinctively playful appeal.

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As you can see from this angle, the pendant lamps are flat rather than spherical – a cool reversal of a hot trend.

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The ceiling is incredible! Also worth admiring: that beautiful weightless-looking television panel and the cantilever sideboard cabinets to the right.

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Neutral grays dominate the color palette, but the matte gray on the far wall contains strong hints of dark blueish-green.

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A little paint and primer can make diverse decor sets go together. The trick is to introduce a natural amount of variation, like the beige vase in this arrangement.

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  • Architect: Đình Dũng Hoàng
Understated, yet glowing with a luxurious touch. This bedroom uses layers of three different materials on the far headboard wall – the effect is calming and artful. The natural wood presents a warm focal point, with the glossy glass panel above providing a weightless and ethereal appearance sure to invoke pleasant dreams. Functional white cabinetry occupies the uppermost tier.

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The scale of the room is just perfect. A large rug softens a generous perimeter around the bed and the bed itself looks plush and comfortable despite its low profile.

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Black satin paint brings out the texture of the slatted wardrobe.

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Word-cloud pillows – always a good gift for fans of typography.

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  • Architect: Đình Dũng Hoàng
Don’t you just want to reach out and touch the smooth plush-looking panels behind the bed? This type of accent wall doesn’t require expensive materials, and as you can see from this excellent bedroom, an oversized like this one can add a tremendous amount of character to an otherwise simple space.

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Patricia Urquiola’s Husk Chair somewhat echoes the shape of the headboard.

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Rectangles and contrast define the overall interior design theme.

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  • Visualizer: Elena Zhulikova
Here, the accent wall is a little simpler in terms of concept, and more accessible to those who prefer a classic decor style. The brick accent wall is painted in white but retains plenty of characteristic texture. The painting to the left serves as a sort of implied headboard. The overall look embraces a rugged, chic, and tasteful personality.

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Which one counts as the accent wall? Both are so beautiful! This one is composed of wood panels interspersed with stripes of glowing recessed lights.

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French architect Jacques Adnet popularized this mirror design with the release of his iconic Round Mirror in 1946. The molded armchair from Eames was designed just a few years later, making this a very relevant pairing.

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Layers of textures and patterns on the bed echo the eclectic surrounding decor.

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Don’t you think the transparent doors on the walk-in closet are interesting? The blurred design ensures this functional space doesn’t make the rest of the bedroom look cluttered.

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  • Designer: Sequoia design studio
  • Visualizer: Sequoia design studio
Geometry is the language of expression in this attractive bedroom. The centered headboard is especially interesting – a variety of painted and unpainted boards come together at matched and unmatched points. Even cooler is the cubic bed frame that continues the diagonal lines of the headboard.

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The accent wall is eye-catching yet relatively subdued, leaving plenty of room to appreciate the incredible view.

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Simple decor allows the headboard area to take center stage.

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While the furniture offers a contemporary aesthetic, the decor leans more toward a blend between urban industrialism and modern rustic. Industrial bedside lamps and steel containers have a huge effect on the overall attitude of the room. The bedroom chair you see here is the Butterfly sling chair.

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A drawing of a sequoia tree is a nod to the designer and visualizer, Sequoia Design Studio.

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  • Visualizer: Polouektov Vladimir
This largely white bedroom features a big bold accent wall composed of an oversized mosaic of wooden rhombuses arranged in a gorgeous pattern. The wood used here has a very fine and distinct grain and heightens the luxury of the panels. Plush rectangles make up the headboard for an added layer of visual interest.

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Brass accents brighten the space and coordinate with the natural materials used throughout.

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What a neat idea! Anybody with a little paint and a set of matching frames could recreate the tidy photography arrangement to the right.

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