A Bright White Home With Organic Details

A Bright White Home With Organic Details

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This 180 square meter home, designed and realized by FORM architectural bureau, combines a number cheerful natural materials in contrast to perfectly modern textures and decor. Its a striking bright white interior that looks warm and inviting rather than stark and sterile. Every room features distinctive lighting choices, and innovative spaces for socialization are carved smoothly from the interior landscape. This is a gorgeous minimalistic home for anyone who enjoys unified and consistent interior design. Check out this house tour if youre looking for contemporary yet nature-inspired ideas for your own interior!

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Because the bright and airy interior doesn’t have many windows, it instead relies on a variety of smartly distributed light sources.

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The firewood is stacked up to the ceiling within a thin niche conveniently located near the fireplace – functional and beautiful.

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A central staircase takes up quite a bit of real estate, but makes use of tall yet exquisitely thin bannisters to enhance its stylistic qualities.

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This room could serve as a cozy tea room, a meditative reading space, or a great place to host a tabletop gaming session.

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Stone, wood, fire, and hammered metal combine to form a texture palette that feels strong and natural beyond the veil of pristine modern design.

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Simple burlap curtains enhance the open and carefree personality of the home.

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Uncomplicated chairs with basic wood frames are illuminated by a series of suspended wire frame lamps draped with gossamer white fabric tied off at the bottom.

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Black forms punctuate the all-white kitchen, starting with the oven and table base and including a striking freestanding storage cabinet and a striped door behind it.

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Another aspect that contributes to the lightness of the staircase is the centered stringer.

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These glass bottle lamps could serve as an inexpensive weekend DIY project. Wax drips down the sides to obscure the transparent bottles for an ethereal aesthetic.

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Verdigris ceramic pendants add a subtle hint of bright color in the first bedroom.

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Painted brick offers just the right amount of urban charm to an otherwise soft and dreamy space.

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The upholstered headboard and frame makes the bed look like a giant cushion!

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Bold prints and patterns rule the secondary bedroom, but the bed itself maintains a minimalistic white theme to provide distraction-free comfort.

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Above, a large and ornate ceiling medallion draws attention to the simple lighting arrangement.

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Check out this unique take on stringed party lights, with light diffused by elegant fabric globes.

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Little ceramic owls take the place of most of the bulbs on this iconic lamp by Mattias Ståhlbom. This makes it easier to create a calming mood whereas light from all 8 fixtures might have seemed too bright – unless a low output Edison bulb were used.

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This relaxation cove seems almost too good to be true. The hammoc is weaved with exceptional detail – certainly a work of art in itself. The cable-knit throw blanket also boasts exceptional warmth and texture.

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Cute coat rack idea! Simply clean and finish a branch with durable paint to get this look.

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This home features two bathrooms. The first embraces the organic theme with stone and rough-hewn wood.

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The other bathroom enjoys a darker palette, with varied stone tiles and matte pendant lights.

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