An Incredibly Compact House Under 40 Square Meters That Uses Natural Decor

An Incredibly Compact House Under 40 Square Meters That Uses Natural Decor

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Located in Taipei, Taiwan, this compact family home works with only 33 square meters of usable floor space, but it still retains a spacious aesthetic thanks to an innovative vertical approach to architecture. Folk Design implemented this creative home in response to the needs of a young family with a strong desire for simple and efficient living. Its amazing what kind of innovation can come from such a restricted canvas! If youre looking for inspiration in your quest for minimalism or just want to get the most functionality out of a limited floor plan, this gorgeously streamlined space is a delightful breath of fresh air.

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  • Designer: Folk Design
  • Photographer: Hey! Cheese
Large panels of highly distinctive plywood give the interior walls a warm and organic appeal, whereas bright white walls and ceilings lend an atmosphere of clarity and openness.

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Community spaces required smart and careful design to make closeness more comfortable – the bedroom, living room, and kitchen are within arm’s reach of another.

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Because of the 33-square-meter restriction, dividers and floors could not remain as single-purpose items. Each one offers a unique secondary function.

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Space-saving measures take surprising forms. Pay extra attention to the wooden path along the left, and compare to the next picture:

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A dining table lifts right out of the floor, with the floor acting as the seating benches thanks to the extra recessed areas below. The low window is the perfect height for this spot.

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The collapsible table also doubles as a great place to study or read.

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The cute patterned dishware set offers just the right amount of decoration to brighten the space.

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This rolling ladder makes it easier to reach high shelves and cabinets, and provides access to a higher vantage point from which residents can relax, read, or daydream.

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Without creative architectural solutions, this incredibly compact floor plan might feel too restrictive.

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These high places create a great way to visually “escape” the concepts of walls and boundaries, offering a perfectly clear view with limitless potential for imagination.

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With such an innovative and well-executed layout, the interior does not look confined from ground level. It’s only while looking at these aerial views does the small scale make itself apparent.

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Decorative touches remain simple and seamless at all times. This lamp is from Kimu designers, part of the New Old Life collection.

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Ferns and tillandsia air plants provide a low-maintenance infusion of greenery. Combined with the light plywood these verdant spaces appear vibrant and full of life.

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The plywood also has the benefit of warming the interior aesthetic at night – cozy and comfortable as can be.

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Although the surrounding exterior wall allows an abundance of privacy, the adjustable blinds offer additional flexibility. They can be extended from the top or bottom to provide infinite configurations.

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See how irresistibly fun these elevated spots can be?

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Despite being separated from the living areas by nothing but a freestanding wall panel, the bedroom still provides a sense of quiet and privacy. Plenty of storage above and beside the bed eliminates the need for extraneous furniture.

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Thankfully, one wishing to get past the pop-up hallway table can simple go around through the kitchen.

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Such a versatile design!

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A lowered window offers plenty of sunlight for the table without becoming too distracting.

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The extra deep and wide shower tub is shielded from view by a tall exterior wall, but an ordinary pull-down shade can provide extra privacy when needed.

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Storage within the mirrors and below the sink keeps this small space clean and free of clutter.

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