A Cool Beachfront Villa With Geometric Architecture

A Cool Beachfront Villa With Geometric Architecture

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A small family dreamed of building a villa with a view of the sea at Marbella, a Spanish resort town situated between the mountains and Costa del Sol (Coast of the Sun). Unfortunately, securing a beachfront plot proved impossible due to the popularity of the location – so the architects at 123DV had to take a creative approach with a home one plot back. Despite another house standing between this property and the beach, this uniquely tailored construction still manages to offer a breathtaking panoramic view with a raised foundation and a beautiful geometric architecture that expertly follows function.

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  • Architect: 123DV
A smooth white facade folds around transparent glass volumes, the top half slightly offset in relation to the ground floor. An angular terrace divides the two floors and overlooks the spectacular pool and patio below.

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Thin floor-to-ceiling windows preserve privacy while providing unique view of the surroundings. In the evening, these columns of light emanate an inviting warm glow – a cool effect that balances the strong horizontal lines of the structure.

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Can you spot the curved pipe protruding from the top of the building? That’s a rooftop shower! It would hard to find a more invigorating way to start the day than soaking up the 360-degree view at the top of the world.

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On the side of the home, the windows vary in width and spacing for a staggered and unique appearance. Open volumes on the street-facing side remind the viewer of the home’s weightless folded architecture.

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A creative feat of pool engineering: two glass walls give the pool a perfectly transparent edge, with no visible supports to block the view. Angular decks emphasize the home’s unique layout.

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Cantilever stairs with a sleek glass handrail leads from the private bedrooms on the first floor to the rooftop terrace above. Skylights and picture windows erase the visual boundaries between indoors and out.

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In this bedroom, bright cerulean matches the pool and Mediterranean waters outside. Around the corner, a modern soak tub enjoys an uninterrupted view of the hills.

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An acutely angled island allows a pleasant view of the pool deck while preparing ingredients or working over the sink. Dark cladding and recessed lights soften the aesthetic – warm, natural details are an important recurring theme throughout the home.

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The dining and living room occupy an open plan, separated only by a black freestanding fireplace with a broad white vent – ideal to enjoy from any angle. Big Bang suspension pendants from Enrico Franzolini echo the geometric theme of the home. Natural materials promote a more comfortable and lived-in appearance amidst the streamlined planes and glossy curves. In the background, the living room gets an even cozier treatment with a textural rug and dark built-in storage.

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An alternative to the rooftop and window-front bathing spots, this dark and relaxing master bathroom offers a more intimate and guarded atmosphere. Glittering tiles strike a textural contrast against the tub’s sophisticated patina.

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A small channel of water wraps around the house, another reminder of this home’s connection to its Mediterranean environment. At night, the underwater lights scatter sparkling reflections against the home and the surrounding privacy wall.

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