A Cozy Apartment in Kyiv with Soft Citrus Accents

A Cozy Apartment in Kyiv with Soft Citrus Accents

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Keep things light. Its the best way to have an uncomfortable conversation. Its the best way eat a healthy meal. And some would argue its the best way to live. In this cozy Kyiv apartment, they designers from Dvoetochie Design Bureau do just that. Natural sunlight is allowed to illuminate all corners of the home - from the open living and dining area to the playful childrens rooms and home office. Colors are also kept warm and welcoming with neutral wood paneling and flooring dominating and subdued citrus colors in the upholstery. This home is a place that looks ready for guests of any age and calmly cozy for its owners.

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The kitchen and main living area is quite open with windows running the length of one of its walls. Cleverly placed indoor plantings separate the large lime sectional and nesting coffee tables from the small but sleek kitchen. Wood paneled walls match hardwood floors while creative built in shelving acts as both storage and display.

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The bedrooms stick largely to the same wood and neutral color scheme, keeping any accent colors tending towards pastels. The master bedroom stays securely in the neutral zone with creamy white linens and a warm caramel duvet against bright white walls.

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In the children’s areas, a little more playfulness is called for. Colors are bit more vibrant and patterns come into play with stripes dominating.

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With the advent of the internet, most modern homes require a substantial home office. The design of this particular space fits nicely with the look of the rest of the home while still offering the necessities of a work space. It doesn’t get too sterile but still has the feeling that you could get down to work.

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The main entryway to the house is simple but notable. The recessed bench area is an ideal landing spot for removing shoes, setting down purses, and starting to settle in at the end of the day.

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