3 Examples of Modern Simplicity

3 Examples of Modern Simplicity

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While some homes certainly opt for the opulent, there is always something particularly intriguing about those luxurious designs that manage to keep things simple. The three homes featured in this post from architect Artem Trigubchak and not only are they ultimately elegant, they are simply luxury at its finest. By using clean lines, rich textures, and a few carefully chosen pieces, these homes are transformed from something everyday to something special. Lets have a look.

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The first space is bright cheerful but not too busy. Colorful furnishings live in the same color family, giving a unified feeling to the living area, while a few contrasting elements add interest. A simple home office with extremely sleek furnishing options is truly a retreat for a creative – yet industrious – occupant while a bit of whimsy in the way of nautical elements and round, bubbly light fixtures keep the space warm and welcoming.

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In this next home, the deep, rich colors are the ultimate in masculine elegance. A forest green sofa and lusciously dark wood paneling give an immediate sense of a private den, something much more sophisticated than a modern day “man cave.” The elegance of the living room carries throughout the home with sleek kitchen countertops and a breakfast bar that could easily double as a conference table. In the more intimate areas, a large platform bed is grounding and cozy while mostly monochrome bathroom styling is more than a bit indulgent.

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The final home definitely shares some of the simple, elegant characteristics of the previous entry but does so in a lighter, brighter, and at the risk of assigning gender roles to furniture, a more feminine way. In this space, sunshine is paramount and streams in from every angle, reflecting of clean white surfaces and illuminating a plush purple sofa that even Prince would envy. The natural wood elements throughout lend a bit of natural charm to this otherwise urban oasis.

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