Living Small With Style: 2 Beautiful Small Apartment Plans Under 500 Square Feet (50 Square Meters)

Living Small With Style: 2 Beautiful Small Apartment Plans Under 500 Square Feet (50 Square Meters)

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While sometimes bigger can be better, thats just not always an option, especially in densely populated cities. Luckily, the right designer can take even a small space and turn it into a home that is not just functional, but actually quite stylish.

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  • Designer: Grits Creative Group
The first space is an apartment in Lviv, Ukraine from the team at Grits Creative Group. The home is only 40 square meters (430 square feet) but still manages to have the requisite areas for a young, creative family.

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A small living area with a cozy loveseat, 60s-inspired chair and even a small work area, is perfect for a little bit of entertaining. A half wall keeps the kitchen and dining area separate from the living room without closing it off completely. Similarly, the lofted bed area is in an elevated nook, making it feel like a separate room when in reality there really isn’t that much space.

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In the bathroom, creative patterned tiling mixed with sleek white porcelain fixtures brings in personality and that creative spirit without feeling too busy.

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  • Designer: Anton Sevastyanov
The second apartment, known “Nest,” comes from designer Anton Sevastyanov. The 43.5 square meter (468 square feet) space is for an active young man who has a passion for sports, music, and photography.

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The bright and open home keeps design fairly simple and minimalist, making the space feel bigger than it really is. White painted brick is certainly modern but also makes the design feel cleaner and a bit European.

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A wood paneled door frame separates the bedroom from the living room. By doing it this way, the room feel separate and private but the apartment still feels big. The use of mirrors around the bedframe is also a sleek way to imitate a bigger room.

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Creative use of separators and doorframes leaves room for a sunny dining area and kitchen as well.

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In a home like this that uses color in a very intentional way, a glass vase full of fresh-cut flowers can create a dramatic visual impact.

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