Stone and Wood Home with Creative Fixtures

Stone and Wood Home with Creative Fixtures

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While there is always a place for color, perhaps there is nothing quite so soothing as a neutral color palette, especially when those neutral colors come from nature. In this beautiful homes from the designers at the Fedorova firm use stone and wood to create an ultimately beautiful and relaxing interior. The emphasis on right angles and clean lines is truly impressive, with every element from sofas to stair railing cutting the same sharp silhouettes. The two story home also features modern luxuries, like an indoor swimming pool and gorgeously deep bathtubs.

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The main living area uses a mostly open floorplan but in place of any wall between the dining and living rooms there is a beautiful stone wall that includes a cutout fireplace. But there is no need for messy wood and matches in this modern incarnation since the gas flames pour out of a sleek bed of glass.

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In the dining room, sliding glass doors open out onto a patio, which has its own outdoor entertaining space. Over the dining room as well as the living room, creative light fixtures capture your attention with sparkle and shine.

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Up the floating glass staircase are the bedrooms, including a guest suite and quaint office/study space.

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As with any modern family home, there is always a desire to keep the children’s rooms age appropriate while still having them flow and match with the rest of the home’s decor. Both children’s rooms in this home manage to do that. While pops of color are allowed to peek out, the tone of both rooms stays largely cool and neutral.

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The bathrooms in the home are especially luxurious with their use of glossy wood accents and beautiful stone textures in everything from the his and hers sinks to the beautiful paneling in the shower.

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The finished basement is another opportunity for beautiful lighting with a creative, reflective cluster fixture perched over the pool table while nearly white wood flooring and an oatmeal sofa finish the look.

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