A Rooftop Oasis Anchors an NYC Remodel

A Rooftop Oasis Anchors an NYC Remodel

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In many cultures, caviar is synonymous with luxury. Only the highest society can afford to indulge in it. So it is perhaps fitting that this apartment remodel from architect Andrew Franz was a caviar warehouse in its previous life, because today it is certainly a luxury space. The top floor apartment is located in the stylish and ultra high-end Tribeca region of Manhattan. The results of Franzs efforts are truly breathtaking. By using an open floorplan and pulling focus to the outdoors with an interior courtyard and stunning rooftop garden, the architect was able to create a spectacular urban retreat that is perfect for entertaining and, lets be honest, showing off.

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The large open living space on the first floor of the apartment uses some of the wood beams and exposed brick left over from the building’s history. However, it also adds gorgeous hardwood floors and plenty of colorful accents, including a stunning teal sofa and creative modular coffee table.

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There is no picking out one unique element in this home since every piece has its own personality, but the interior court that was added can not be overlooked. The sunken courtyard has a retractable glass roof, which means that residents can still enjoy its natural splendor during harsh New York months. The greenhouse effect was created with new custom steel along with repurposed beams that were reclaimed from the original space.

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The interior design choices are ultimately luxurious and very fashionable, but they use a bohemian chic aesthetic that makes them feel quite accessible. From a carefully tossed striped area rug to a bright red freestanding wardrobe, there is a flavor of the Southwest with plenty of contemporary artistry thrown in.

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Up on the roof itself, a brilliant spring garden is the ultimate urban oasis where anyone from the New York elite would be thrilled the entertain. Throughout the home, both indoors and out, sustainable choices were made wherever possible including energy efficient appliances and native plants that require less water and also add insulation to the home below.

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