Accentuate the Positive in Two Artful Apartments

Accentuate the Positive in Two Artful Apartments

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Monochrome is trendy and minimalism is chic, but how can you ensure that your space looks sleek and cool but doesnt fall into the trap of being so minimal its boring? The answer, of course, is accents. Without accents that create contrast in color and texture, minimalism can quickly become snore-worthy. These two apartments from designer Maxim Doshchinsk use many of the tenants of sleek, modern design but do not shy away from those fun and funky accents that really bring a room to life.First up is an apartment that uses the sheen of polished metal to great effect.

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This large apartment uses a popular color palette of grey on grey with varying shades (not quite 50) of that cozy and calming color. The soft gray sofa features large overstuffed cushions that are just as inviting as any mass-market sectional. The heavy, soft curtains mean that it can be movie night at any time of day.

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In the dining room and kitchen, however, we get a swift kick of color, starting with the turquoise cushioned dining chairs. While they somehow still feel Eames-inspired, the colorful pillowed design is decidedly more comfortable and the bright color goes oh-so-well with the neutral scheme.

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The polished copper accent wall is clearly a central focus of the entire space. Its sheen makes it stand out and though the copper color stands on its own, it also reflects the light around it, making it an accent that also blends in. The copper light fixtures over the dining table pull that same color out into the main living space, too.

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A floating staircase flanked in metal screening gives a nod to the industrial elements in the design and looks nearly invisible from some angles.

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The second apartment trends more towards a neutral brown palette, though it has its own instances of grey as well. It is also decidedly more feminine than the first space.

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A soft brown leather sofa in the small living room is not as spacious as the first sectional, but is just as conducive to an afternoon nap.

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It is the shiny pink cabinetry that gives this apartment its colorful accent. The baby pink color is subtle enough to give the kitchen a warm feel without making it seem too frilly. In fact, the rest of the kitchen design is kept extremely simple so that the pink color stands on its own, with a butcher block countertop and clean white walls.

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In the bedroom, the neutral scheme remains, with a bright blue quilt providing the only stand out color. The focal point of the room, however, has to be the massive custom bookshelf that doubles as a headboard, a dream come true for any book collector.

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Hardwood floors throughout ensure this home feels like a home rather than a warehouse while cozy furnishings make it easy for guests to feel welcome.

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