Thai-Style Villa Sarawin with Sweeping Bay Views

Thai-Style Villa Sarawin with Sweeping Bay Views

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Just because you want to plan a vacation as an escape from your everyday does not mean that you have to sacrifice convenience or even luxury. Villa Sawarin, located just 20 minutes outside of Phuket International Airport in Thailand, has the luxury features that even the most persnickety of travelers require, all contained in a beautiful design that has none of the generic feel that some resorts may fall victim to. The completed eight bedroom villa is the results of a design collaboration between Jean-Michel Gath and Phillipe Starck, and the influence of both of these renowned architects can be felt throughout the space.

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The villa’s interior covers 4000 square meters (43000 square feet) while the entire campus covers 3 acres. Located along the beachfront of the Yamu Peninsula, overlooking Phang Nga Bay, every detail of Villa Sawarin was chosen for both luxury and retreat.

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A private infinity pool features not only space for swimming but a floating private deck with cozy chairs, creating a perfect place to relax after a long swim or simply to sit surrounded by gentle water.

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Inside the villa, space abounds from floor to ceiling but the idea of a beach vacation is never far away. Floor to vaulted ceiling windows provide alternately views out onto the bay or onto the surrounding tropical gardens, which include a private area for practicing golf.

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Floating stepping stones across the outdoor corridors are a lovely zen element that helps to anchor the design in that of a Thai villa, unmatched around the world.

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Unlike other private villas, this one also provides areas for massage and other spa treatments that can easily stand empty for the ultimate in privacy. The villa is part of larger Yamu Peninsula resort that can provide not only masseurs but also a concierge for booking local excursions and a 24 hour private chef. The villa is also located near top rated golf courses and includes its own game room for a bit of healthy, vacation competition.

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Whether employing the chef or choosing to cook for yourself, the meticulously appointed gourmet kitchen is just the right spot while a luxurious dining area indoors is ideal for climate control and the outdoor dining pagoda is wonderful for an al fresco option.

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Of course, the bedrooms are the ultimate in relaxation with soft sheets, warm colors, and spectacular bay views.

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