Stylish St. Petersburg Apartment for an Artistic Professional Couple

Stylish St. Petersburg Apartment for an Artistic Professional Couple

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For a professional couple, the apartment they share should be a reflection of their values: beauty, style, and a little bit of fun. Designers Natasha Janson and Dmitry Kirsanov of I Am Home Studio have created a playful and modern space in this 166 square meter (1786 square feet) apartment that would be sure to help any couple find their own corner of heaven in St. Petersburg.

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A sociable young couple not only wants to spend comfortable time in their home with each other, but should be able to entertain their circle of friends.

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The living room design is certainly beautiful, but also provides plenty of seating for friends.

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The turquoise egg chair is a cozy and create place to relax away from the buzz of a party or just after a long day away from home.

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A gold tinted coffee table gives the perfect sparkly setting for serving drinks or hors d’oeuvres while overhead lights that dangle on individual cords are another playful addition.

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A sunny dining terrace serves more than one purpose as well.

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While the heavy wood table could easily host an intimate dinner party, it’s also spacious enough to provide a work area for these two creatives.

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The open floorplan has the dining area in direct contact with the small kitchen, which includes a splashy red refrigerator and the obligatory chalkboard wall. The uniquely patterned floor tiles create separation between the two areas.

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The attention to every detail is readily apparent when you realize that even the front hallway has been designed for maximum comfort and style.

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It features a creatively textured wall and a cozy ottoman that’s perfect for adding the finishing touches to an outfit — or taking them off once you get home.

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There’s no question that this cozy hallway would make anyone feel immediately at home.

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In the bedroom, we can also see influences of the couple’s love for art and creativity.

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These artsy elements can work because of the neutral color palette that keeps the room from feeling busy or cluttered.

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The designers took into account that often women need more space in the bedroom – for storing clothes, dressing, and their entire routine. That’s why the woman’s side of the room is a bit more spacious.

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But the artistic accoutrements are feminine without being girly. From the bespoke wood panels with its own bold art to the whimsical mounted unicorn head.

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Floor to ceiling mirrors are the only way to get the whole impression of your outfit, so of course they are a requirement here.

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For those with the luxury of space, a dreamy room for meditation, yoga, and centering can make a huge difference in how you experience your house.

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The yoga room here is white, bright, and simple with a modern altar that allows anyone to set a dreamy mood with flickering candles and incense.

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Angel wings give the space even more ethereal appeal.

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For a couple that works from home, a separate work area with everything you need to get down to business is essential.

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Spacious desks with comfortable but stylish office chairs create just that area.

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White tile works with the streaming sunlight to create a space where it’s easy to create throughout the entire year.

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A bright sofa and fireplace mean welcoming clients into the home is also possible, when necessary.

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Finally, a cozy bathroom provides the ultimate relaxing retreat.

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A deep porcelain tub contrasts with the creatively textured wall and natural wood flooring for the feeling of a personal spa right at home.

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